KantCon 2011 – Enter the Jabbergluck

Any of you that have been around the site for a while will know that I had a great time starting my convention-going career last year. One of the high points was my attendance of KantCon 2010 in Overland Park, Kansas. You can find my coverage of it here.

Well, it’s time for KantCon again (as well as a bevy of other gaming conventions). And, since it’s the only convention with which I am personally involved in terms of setup and promotion, I am going to abuseĀ use my position as Editor here at Troll in the Corner to push this convention as hard as I can.

What I want you all to see the most resides over here in this direction ———-> HERE! There was a Kickstarter to fund the very first public KantCon last year. It was the first time for this convention and all of the usual logistics came into play: deposit for the space, insurance, etc. Well, this year, while there are still the same kinds of logistics, things are easier. We made a really good impression on the folks at Johnson County Community College and they’re making things easier on us.

So this year, we’re using the Kickstarter that I linked to as a really cool Pre-Pre-Registration. Basically, the gist is this: if you use the Kickstarter to Pre-Pre-Register and you buy a tier that includes passes, you get registered for the convention and you get all of the extra swag that is described in the tiers. There are custom d6s, dice bags, beer stein, a whole boatload of raffle tickets (and the raffle is the JAM; lots of good swag given out at the convention) and, to top it all off, if you buy the top tier, you actually get to…

Wait for it…

You get to pick what I get for my next tattoo. Now, there are some restrictions, of course, but that lucky tier-purchaser will not only get every bit of swag we could think of but also get to pick my next patch of ink.

Ultimately, though, any gaming convention needs to be about the games. So, if you’re not convinced, take a listen. That link contains the audio from all of the recorded sessions from KantCon 2010. Trust me, the convention is full of good people, great swag and, the best, full of amazing games. Oh yeah, and we now have a mascot. Meet the Jabbergluck.

KantCon 2011 runs from July 9-11 in Overland Park Kansas at Johnson County Community College.

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