Discoveries – Winds of Change Episode 4

Link to the audio for the session.

I was really happy to start this session. The group had gotten a base of operations, and we finally, finally, had a chance to explore the personal plotlines of the characters. It felt like it had been a long time coming to get to this point. We’re only talking about the fourth session of the campaign, but we’ve had a number of multi-week breaks and I’ve been thinking about the game a lot, so, yeah, it has been a long time coming.

After the group set out for the Temple District to follow some leads, they had reality abruptly smack them in the face. They attempted to ask for directions to said district and were accosted by a guardsman. A wealthy-looking woman had pointed them out to the guard, saying that they obviously didn’t belong in the Merchant District. They group successfully convinced the guard that they did belong, including showing him the deed to their house. Then, they headed deeper into the Merchant District to buy some new clothes so this wouldn’t happen again. They had extra funds from character creation, so no problem.

This is where the vagaries of a given gaming session can bring some awesome developments. During the clothing fitting, the portly, homely clothier was spotted hitting on the Elven Monk. For reference, this is a male tailor and a male character, who incidentally is played by my sister. The conversation got roleplayed out (well enough to make a few of the other players uncomfortable) and a date was set. When I went into this session, I had no idea that any of this was going to happen. It was great. These improvisational moments are what make gaming sessions for me because they force both myself and my players to just react. It provides the game and the world with more verisimilitude. I love it.

Anyway, following that, they made it to the Temple District and went to the Hall of the Gods to discover some more about some of the visions that had been having. They arrived to find all of the occupants of the building outside, talking furiously. Apparently the Hall had been cursed by one Sister Regina, priestess of the God of Valor. You see, the Hall of the Gods had once been a temple to her god and she arrived in Freeport, bent on getting the temple rededicated. Unfortunately, none of her efforts had succeeded and, in a fit of pique, she called down her god’s wrath. The problem is that some nefarious force had twisted the curse even further, causing the curse to spread outward from the Hall. Eventually, it would likely take over the whole city unless something was done. And Sister Regina was the only one who could lift it.

The party then left the city, following her trail to the small village of Cabbage Crack. This is where the adventure slipped a little as I realized, in process, that there had been no combat. I unwisely chose some monsters that I had never used before and ended up with a rocky, drawn-out combat that was ultimately unsatisfying. Protip: If you’re going to use a new monster, read its stat block throughly and make sure that it won’t simply frustrate you and your players.

Once they made it to Cabbage Crack, they found out that their target had come and gone. Sister Regina had gone towards the dormant volcano, stating that she was going to hold a vigil to get guidance from her god.

Overall, bad combat aside, this was a really good session. My sister was embarrassed by her interactions with the clothier, but that’s a story for the next session… coming soon!

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