Review: Courts of the Shadow Fey (pdf)

Courts of the Shadow Fey by Open Design and Wolfgang Bauer is a 100 page adventure for 4e Dungeons & Dragons designed to take characters from 12th level to 15th level.  If you’re interested in purchasing the product, you can get it here.

In the interest of full disclosure, this was a review copy of the .pdf.  This won’t change how I feel about the product or how I review the product as I’m sure that the author would prefer an honest review to a “oh, look, free stuff” review.

I’m going to try to avoid spoilers, so I won’t get much into the actual plot of the adventure itself, though it obviously involves the Courts of the Shadow Fey.  The adventure is divided into four Acts, each act containing four to eight Scenes.  The scenes provide a good balance of roleplaying and action and some can be quite open ended.  Statblocks are provided through out in a clear and concise way (though the standard symbols used by WotC for the various types of attacks are replaced with nonstandard symbols, which could require a bit of a mental shift), and the adventure also includes skill challenges as well as a way to determine a character’s starting status among the Fey courts, which is something I might steal for my Pathfinder game, considering how important the courts of the Fey are to that game.

One thing I like about the adventure is that throughout, sidebars show Mr. Baur’s thought process during writing the adventure.  There are plenty of new fey that you could use to add to your current stable of monsters, even if you aren’t using the adventure.

Graphically, the art is pleasing.  While the best picture is on the cover, as it should be since in truth we do judge books by their covers, the artwork inside is still quite nice.  Most of the interior art is black and white, but there are a couple of pieces that are in color.  The maps are sharp looking and the line art is appropriate to the setting and adventure.

The adventure definitely looks like an interesting and good one, and it will get your characters into the intrigues of the Court of the Shadow Fey quite nicely.  Definitely worth a shot if it’s your cup of elven firewine and, if not, there’s plenty of good stuff to steal for your own campaign!

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