What’s new with Aruneus

We’re a few days in to 2011 and getting closer to completion of the Aruneus project!  Here’s a brief overview of where the project stands and what’s coming soon.

In late 2010, the Zombies and Orcs each went through several rounds of playtesting with great results.  The Zombies are in the process of being revised a final time.  The Orcs will see a few changes but overall they’re doing well as a race for Aruneus and Pathfinder.

Good old Mirkmoot is nearly done.  I’m just waiting for two more pieces of art from the incomparable Tim Reardon – other than that the document itself is in the hands of my layout artist Eric Vernon.  He’s in the process of putting it all together right now, along with the revised zombies.

Another expansion document nearly done is the Herbology of Aruneus.  I’m planning on having the draft over to Nick, my Editor, by Friday.  This expansion will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 pages in length and will deal with six species of plants found in and around Aruneus which have magical properties.

When I first started the Aruneus project, one of my primary goals after creating the source book itself, was to employ non RPG industry people who wanted to get their feet in the door and gain some experience working on this indie project.  The cool thing about this from my side of things is that I’ve met a number of interesting folks who are all wildly skilled in areas that I am not.  One of those folks is 13 year old Hayley Ehrenfeld.  Hayley has provided the artwork for the Herbology.  In continuing with my policy of being open about the development of all things Aruneus, I’ve put up the complete gallery of Hayley’s works.

The Herbology of Aruneus should be available in a week or two at DriveThruRPG.

I’m about 1/3 done with the two new characters which will be featured in one document.  The Supplicant is complete, although I’ve yet to create the necessary NPCs.  The Quantamancer currently exists as a series of notes and thoughts but I’ll be organizing them soon.

The first adventure, The Haunted Mine is at 75% completion.  Artwork and lots of polish are needed but I’m getting there.  The second adventure currently exists as my play notes when I ran my party through it.  Lots of shuffling will have to take place on that one.

That, my friends, is the state of Aruneus as of January 2011.

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  1. Ben,

    That’s fantastic news! Good luck with your project’s goals in 2011 and to quote a famous Y-Wing pilot, “stay on target!” The artwork is impressive and I’m looking forward to checking out the final product.


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