Help the Hobby! Read an RPG Book in Public!

Gamers are many, but we are the quiet many.

There is an upsetting number of people who still have misconceptions about what an RPG is and the type of people that play them.  Sure, we know that gamers come in all types, but the world doesn’t.

Let’s fix that.  Someone over at The Escapist has had the brilliant idea to have three weeks dedicated to reading an RPG book in public.  You can find information on the website HERE, or even on Facebook HERE.

Get out there at a park, coffee shop, or wherever, and read.  Show the world who we are.  It begins tomorrow.

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Quick Review: The Genius Guide to the Time Thief, a new character class for Pathfinder

Leave it to the folks at OtherWorld Creations to come up with new, inventive and plausible character classes.  Plausible that is, in the sense that elves and dragons are wandering around out there as well.

The Time Thief takes a neat spin on a rogue-like character – one who can literally steal time.  Taking little bits of time (motes) from their own future and using them at their current time to affect events such as die rolls.  In addition to this there are a number of abilities powered by motes that can be taken as the Time Thief progresses.  At 5th level, they are able to take larger, more important chunks of time out of their own future (aevum) which can be used to greater effect with higher level abilities.

At 10th level, advanced talents may be taken.  The majority of these are taken from movie titles (“Back to the Future”, “Butterfly Effect”) and honestly I don’t know if that’s a good thing.  I’m torn between the movie geek in me who applauds this and the gaming geek who craves immersion in a fantasy world that doesn’t feature Michael J. Fox references.

The Time Thief may be a bit overpowered when it comes to their special abilities.  The use of motes, even without spending them on abilities makes for some interesting and powerful effects.  Using these with abilities makes for an even more powerful character.  Take Entropy, which allows up to 15d8 (based on level) damage which bypasses hardness and damage reduction.  That adds up to some fantastic damage.

Fun but flawed, the Time Thief is still worth a look.  I’ve been tempted to run a high powered campaign for some time and this would make a great addition – or use to create a powerful NPC opposed to the party.  4 out of 5 stars.

As a side note, which has nothing to do with the usability or inventiveness of this product, for the first time I’ve seen a PDF using a real person to illustrate a class.  Some people may find this distracting, but probably not in a bad way.

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Zombie Dice – Click, click, boom!

When I left Origins, I didn’t know it, but I had a shambler trailing me. Somehow I missed the telltale stench of rotting flesh, and somehow I didn’t notice it clambering into my trunk as I was putting my bags in. But when I got home, I realized how inattentive I had been.

I got bitten.

Suddenly, I’m wandering around, moaning vaguely and craving brains like nobody’s business. So the first thing I do is go over to a family member’s house and proceed upon my feasting frenzy.

I got some good grey-matter, but I always seem to want more. Now, I have these other zombies shuffling along beside me, and brains are getting in short supply. Seems to be that we can only focus on three potential meals at a time. Not to mention, we’re slow. Every so often, one of those walking buffets starts running, and we’re hard-pressed to keep up. Since we don’t sleep, we always get a chance to try again, but it’s annoying to have to wait for your food.

The worst parts of it all are the shotguns. It takes a few good hits to take one of us down, so it’s not like we can’t gorge ourselves for a while. But if those buggers with the boomsticks get three good licks on us, it’s lights out; no brains for you.

Still, there’s something about this “being a zombie” thing. The group of us seem to keep coming back to this “who can eat the most brains” contest. We always seem to top out at 13 brains, which is a good number, I think. And we always keep trying. Even the walking dead need some other kinds of distractions, but we always keep coming back to our contest for brains. Mmmmmm brraaaaaaiiinnssss….

Zombie Dice is made by Steve Jackson Games. I picked up my copy at Origins and finally had my chance to try the game out over this past weekend. I had a great time with it, but that may be because I won most of the games that we played. The mechanics are simple, and once you play through the game once, you don’t need the rules around to reference.

The only complaint that I had about the game was that the container that comes with it, from which you are to pull the three dice you roll every round, is difficult to get your hand into. We ended up putting the Zombie Dice in a spare die bag and pulling them from there; much easier.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Quick Review: Swallowfeld – a Pathfinder adventure setting for a low level party

Raging Swan Press have put together a solid, 37 page adventure for a lower level Pathfinder party.  Taking place in and around the village of Swallowfeld, this adventure is something of a murder mystery packaged within a weather torn priory, for one.  Actually, Swallowfeld contains several adventure hooks revolving around the village and what goes on there.

What I really enjoy about this product is there’s a wealth of information for game masters. Tons of fleshed out NPCs, a good number of hooks, a nice detailed map, handouts for players.  You’ll find all of these things here – even a random even generator for everyday happenings around the village which can be used to add some quirk and detail.  That particular chart I really enjoy and I applaud RSP for its inclusion.  There are notes about daily life, the seasons and enough background info for a GM to use this as a starting point for a longer campaign or a great place to have a few adventures with friends.

There are some nice character sketches to go along with the module so you’ll get a feel for just how these NPCs look.  In addition to the artwork, the layout is very well done.  Everything is easy to find and the use of village locations and NPCs.  There looks to be enough local adventure to bring an average 1st level party up to around 3rd or possibly even 4th level before the village of Swallowfeld is outgrown by the party.  Not bad for the current price of $4.50.   I will caution you that if you like to run or play in games that are high powered and high magic, Swallowfeld may not be for you.  An inventive GM could certainly make it so but it’s more of a small village with small village problems.

5 out of 5 stars – it delivered exactly what it promised and did so in a neatly organized and easily read fashion.

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Fool’s Gold – cursed coins for miserly players [PFRPG]

Fool’s gold is just that, gold that makes you foolish. These cursed coins were created by the First Bank of WareHave as a deterrent to thieves and cutthroats who would frequently target the bank and its shipments of gold. Often a large coin worth at least 10 gold pieces in weight alone, Fool’s Gold has a cumulative effect. The more you take, the more foolish you become!

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The Pathfinder International Give Away – 3 books, tons of PDFs, 16 winners, anywhere in the world!

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system is one I greatly enjoy running and playing.  I enjoy it so much I’ve started writing some small expansions for the system.  Now I’d like to share my enjoyment of Pathfinder by giving away everything any group would need to run a full Pathfinder campaign.  That means the Pathfinder Core rule book, the Pathfinder Bestiary, and the Pathfinder GameMastery Guide.  All in hard cover, bundled together and shipped to anywhere in the world I can legally ship to from the US – all for one lucky winner.

In addition to winning three brand new hard covers, I’ll also include download codes for every Pathfinder expansion document I’ve created.  Five other winners will also receive all of these PDFs for free, and 10 additional winners will receive one Pathfinder compatible PDF for free as well.  16 winners in all!

How to enter

Entering this contest is as easy as sending us an email.  Increasing your chances to win will require a little bit more work on your part.  Each person will automatically receive one entry simply by emailing us.  Include the words Pathfinder Contest in your subject line and if you’d like to, let me know where in the world you are because I’m curious.  That’s all you’ll need to do to enter this contest.  Want to increase your chances of winning?  No problem, but I’m going to ask a bit more of you.

How to score up to 10 entries.

  • Facebook user?  Head to the official Aruneus page and click that “Like” button!  Okay, even if you don’t want to do that, at the very least comment on this note with your name.  Make sure to include in your email that you added a comment to the note and/or  liked the group.  Liking the group get’s you 1 extra entry, commenting on the note also gets you 1 extra entry.
  • On Twitter?  Follow me and earn yourself another 2 entries!  Include your twitter user name in the email you send us.
  • Visit the Aruneus Kickstarter project.  Look at the updates and find out how many gods inhabit the world of Aruneus.  Include this number in your email for 2 additional entries. While you’re there, I’d love it if you take a look around and see what the project is all about.
  • Lastly, if you have a blog or website, and you post about this contest with a link to it, you’ll earn an additional 3  additional entries.  Make sure to include a link to this in your email.

It is possible to get yourself 10 entries to this contest.  If you are already following me on twitter or have already liked the Aruneus facebook page, just let me know and you will receive the extra entries.

Each entry will be assigned a number based on when I receive them.   At the conclusion of this contest, the winners will be selected in a random drawing using a random number generator to select the winning entries.

The Rules

  • Only one email per person please.
  • All decisions regarding the winners are final.
  • You can’t write for Troll in the Corner and enter this contest.
  • This contest is open to anyone I can legally ship these books to, anywhere in the world.  It’s up to you to make sure I can do that though!  (Shipping from the US).  I can’t be held responsible if for some reason I can’t ship these to your country.
  • I’ll be insuring this shipment and tracking it but I can’t be responsible if the US Postal Service screws up.
  • Contest ends Wednesday, August 4th at 11:59 PM EST.  Any entries received after that will not be considered.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address that you check!  That’s how I’ll be contacting the winners.  On that note, I will not be selling, keeping or using these emails for any other purpose than this contest.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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Free Pathfinder/d20 Magic Weapon – The Plaid Axe of the Northern Dwarves

The Plaid Axe of the Northern Dwarf is all aboot taking down trees, vegetation and whoever may be standing near by.  Forged in a vast underground empires by vast, underground Dwarves, the Plaid Axe of the Northern Dwarves was a last ditch solution to the growing problem of how to cut down and use things that weren’t made of metal.  Being the clever bastards that they are, the Northern Dwarves took some time away from their annual moose throw to forge just aboot the mightiest tree felling axe ever seen.

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Cthulhu has claimed another victim! Er… we have a winner!

Congratulations are in order, as Neil Knauth has won a signed copy of Realms of Cthulhu from Reality Blurs!  Thanks to the awesome folks at Reality Blurs for providing a signed copy of their book as a prize.  Also a big thanks to all of our readers who participated in this contest!  Stay tuned because this will not be our last contest – big things are afoot.

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Today is the last day to enter the signed Realms of Cthulhu book give away!

Look, as far as the real world goes, we’re not big on promoting ancient evil, vicious cults and things that make you go insane. Put us in the realm of gaming though and we’re behind Realms of Cthulhu 100%! Our editor Tracy covered this game at Origins 2010 and fell madly, insanely in love with it. We think you will too so we’ve plotted and conspired with the fine folks at Reality Blurs to get one lucky winner a signed copy!

This contest has already started if you’re reading this, and it will end promptly at 11:59 pm (EST) on Monday, July 19th. You’ve got one week to enter. One week to win.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to the Reality Blurs website and find out when this game studio was formed (a year is what I’m looking for).

2. Go to the Project Aruneus page and note which Backer category gets you a hard cover copy of the book.

3. Go to the Troll in the Corner Contact page and email what you’ve found from step 1 and 2 to us! Make sure you put “Realms of Cthulhu” in the subject and use a valid email because if you win, that’s how you’ll be contacted.

The winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries on Tuesday, July 20th by either a rhesus monkey dressed as a 1920’s gumshoe or a random number generator – whichever peaks my interest more at the moment.

Some rules:

1. Continental US only. Shipping is expensive and getting it out of the US is tough.

2. You can’t work for or write for Troll in the Corner or Reality Blurs Studios. That’s like cheating.

3. All decisions in this contest are final.

That’s how to enter the contest, here’s a little more on Realms of Cthulhu:

One Overwhelming Truth
Behind every legend, every catastrophe, and every great act of evil throughout and before recorded history, is the secret knowlege that shatters men’s minds like fragile glass- the dark influence of alien gods and powers beyond mortal comprehension, things man was not meant to know and things that your investigator must now face.

Body and Soul
In your battle against the dark forces, you not only risk life and limb, but your very sanity, and the innocence of your soul. Will you sacrifice yourself for the greater good, or run for the safety and sanctity of an asylum? Or will you use the knowledge you gain to turn back the tide of evil for another day?

Beyond Time and Space
Mythos Tales can be set in any period and any place. Included are guidelines to get you started with the most popular time eras: the gaslight era of the 1890s, the classic era of the 1920s, and the modern world of today. Explore the setting as best you see fit.

Campaign Styles and the Keeper
Four distinct styles impact how physical damage and mental anguish are handled. This allows you to effortlessly shape and direct the focus of your campaign, from the pulpiness of Heroic Horror to the grim desolation of the Dark Spiral. Insight and advice are offered to the Keeper concerning magic, modifying monsters, and creating adventures, as well as a detailed roster of supporting cast members, and comprehensive bestiary.

Infinite Opportunities for Adventure
Use Mysteries of Dark Manor or any of the other included Mythos Tales to begin your journey down the road to madness immediately, or use the Mythos Tale and Creature Generators to create whole new adventures of your own.

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