Epic Battle: Mass Combat in Role Playing Games

Dungeons and Dragons was originally designed as a departure from traditional wargames, to allow the control of individuals instead of large military units. This created a whole different type of gaming, but generally the two modes of play aren’t terribly compatible with each other. So what can you do if your players get involved in a war, commanding other soldiers into battle?

Zombies Underground – On being a Dwarf in the Zombie Apocalypse

The Dwaven race of Aruneus, on arriving to this world congregated mostly on the west, near the great mountain range known as The Fieldheid. By their nature, Dwarves tend to be an inward facing society. For nearly a thousand years, the Dwarves of Aruneus crafted a society based on strong kinship ties and loyalty to their ruling family. The Camere's were the first Dwarven family of note and ruled their people for close to 3,500 years, until the dynasty was eradicated in the great undead plague.

The Dresden Files: Now With 100% More RPG

I've been twitching with anticipation since Evil Hat announced that they were working on a Dresden Files RPG. Last week they started taking pre-orders and I immediately forked over about 100 of my hard earned dollars to get it (I later learned we were getting a review copy. You win this one Evil Hat). I'd like to note that since the pre-order PDFs aren't the final product and that I won't actually be playing the game until I get a physical book, I consider this to be more of a preview than a review.

Win yourself a copy of the Agone Role Playing Game

It's time to do a little bit of giving out to the RPG community! I've been doing a little house cleaning and setting up the new office and I came across an extra copy of a fantastic (yet sadly out of print) RPG system called Agone. I have both the core rulebook which is a nice, 300+ page hardcover book and the softcover Grimoire supplement. It's a great system and it's not to terribly expensive if you'd like to purchase your own copy. Or you could enter to win your very own copy right here.

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