Battlestar Galactica keeps you on edge

Even for people who aren’t fans of the show, the Battlestar Galactica board game provides a very fun and suspenseful gaming experience. It’s a cooperative game revolving around the players trying to escape the robotic Cylons and get the Galactica to Earth. The twist is that some of the players may secretly be Cylons themselves, and they can sabotage the humans’ efforts while attempting to remain hidden, or reveal themselves and take direct action against the humans.

Stories with Meaning

In order to create a believable world, in which characters do more than simply hack and slash, some study and research will always be needed. In fact, to create the most effective game world possible, as much effort could be required as penning a novel. Penning a novel, however, need not be done from scratch – authors do tend to have a “toolbox” of useful story elements handy to make their jobs easier.

Of Orcs and Empire

Since their introduction to Aruneus, the Orcs have congregated in the tundras and northern reaches of the world. A once great kingdom which stretched most of the span of Aruneus' northern continent, the Orcs were beaten by the League of the Ring and their empire collapsed into a series of small city states and clan holdings. Over time even these city states faded, unable to support a larger, stable population and the Orcs became a semi-nomadic, clannish race.

Old-School Gaming with OSRIC (Review – Races and Classes)

When talking about OSRIC and old-school gaming, I feel like I sometimes feel like I should be summing up the features and end every other paragraph with "and you darn kids need to stay off my lawn!" The rules are weird sometimes, and things are most definitely not balanced, but still... there is something about them.

Voices and Verisimilitude

"Listen up, berk, because I'm only going to say this once. A body can only put up with so much stupidity from one person, so watch your step or I'll put you in the deadbook, right quick."

Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks

When I saw this book in my library, I immediately picked it up, and proceeded to blast through it in about two days. Though the book is not primarily about “gaming geeks” in a way that I was originally hoping for, it still offers an interesting trip through many avenues of fantasy fandom.

Why I’m Glad 4e Exists, Even Though I Don’t Use It

Since the launch of the new D&D rules, I have seen a lot of talk online (and heard a lot of talk in person) about the Pros and Cons of 4e. Some people are in love with the system and are super-excited for each new book release that WotC has planned. Some would rather eat glass than try and figure out when to use their Daily Powers.

Shotgun Diaries: Lightweight Zombie Roleplaying

Shotgun Diaries is a little RPG from the award winning game designer John Wick which appeared last fall. It features all your classic zombie tropes in a small, incredibly lightweight package. I came across it when I was looking to do a zombie themed horror game and at $5 I just couldn't resist giving it a shot.

Scribblenauts 2 announced as I buy a new stylus

My all time favorite game for the DS is just about to get a new installment. Scribblenauts was one of the few games that ate up more than three or four hours on my DS and actually caused a bit of ire between my wife and I as we made desperate run/jumps for it after the kids went to bed.

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