Freeport: Winds of Change – Session 3

First of all, give this session a listen!

In some ways, this was what I felt to be the first real session of the campaign. If you listen to the first two sessions of this game back-to-back, I think you’ll find that they feel like one session split into two parts. That’s true in a lot of ways. Both sessions added together make up the introduction to the campaign. It took a lot of pushing and pulling to get to this point because the first two sessions were so short in length.

I also really liked this session because it was the session I talked about in my post Why Do We Game? It took a lot of doing to get this session going and ever though there were frustrations throughout the day, the whole thing ended up being very, very rewarding. As I said in my post, there was a moment where I got to just sit back and listen to the group talk about what was going in, in character. It felt great.

And what exactly did happen in this session? Well, when we had last left the group, they had been led to an abandoned house and they had opened the door. What they didn’t know was that the house was under a curse. The previous occupants had been killed by cultists of The Yellow Sign. As the murder took place, the violence of the death laid a curse over the house which trapped the spirits of all involved in the events. When the door to the house is opened, the openers must make Will saves or be sucked into a repeating vision of the events of the night of the murders. If they make the Will save, the house itself still has some residual haunting going one and contains some Animated Objects, an Allip and a Danse Macabre. (Stats for all are available on the Pathfinder SRD).

Only one of the characters made the Will save. The other three were sucked into the vision. Now, the ones in the vision had the ability to interact with the people in the vision, but only if additional Will saves were made and then, only for one combat round at a time. The players in the vision got really creative and eventually figured out that they needed to stop the murders from happening to be able to break out of the vision and break free of the curse.

The one player who made the save eventually decided to explore the house. He ran into some of the monsters and finally made it upstairs, to the attic. There, he met the other inhabitant of the house, a half-elf named Hal who had spent the last three years living in the attic of the house. Hal is hiding from Finn and the Syndicate and because he came into the house through an upper window (and made his Will save) and he believes the house is just abandoned, not haunted.

To make a longer story short, both groups overcame their challenges very well. Anderbilt, the Sorcerer who made his Will save, managed to defeat the Allip before it drained him of all his Wisdom, but not before it got to Hal. The group in the vision managed to thwart the assassins by killing them and knocking over the cauldron of soup that the assassins had poisoned. Once that happened, they appeared back in the real world and reunited with their companion.

After exploring the house, the found a deed to the house that had all of their names on it. Apparently, someone is looking out for them. As well, and this was amazing to me, they found a Sai for the Monk. What’s amazing is that the Monk, Gufasova, is built to subdue his enemies, not kill them. I rolled randomly to generate the item and I came with a +1 Merciful Sai of Ki Focusing. Seriously.

All in all, it was a great session and I found out that we’re going to be able to play tonight, which is awesome. Look for an update on tonight’s session as soon as I get the audio to The Gamer’s Haven.

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