Quick Review: Wizard Character Folio for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Look, we all know that there are rules in life.  Rules that we have to follow.  Rules that make things easier for all of us.  The problem is, when you have a 540 page rule book, some of those rules get lost.

The Wizard Character Folio helps with this – putting everything you need, from your base character sheet through all of your wizardly schools and abilities, right down to the spells available to you in to one, 26 page document, of which 22 pages are material you’ll use in game.  I guess it also says something about all of these rules that you can easily use all 22 pages in a single session.

The Wizard (and the other character folio’s I’ve previewed) starts off with a well laid out character sheet with all the basics. Attributes, skills, speed and whatnot on page one. Combat info on page two. Page three features a list of your gear and armor.  The next three pages are for feats, notes, portraits and everything else you’ll need.

Next we have the advancement chart and class features of the Wizard, followed by the various schools and what they give you.  Lastly, you’ll find a complete list of spells from 0 to 9th level, with brief descriptions of each.

All in all it’s a nice layout and would be very useful at the table, with a handy staple driven through the upper left hand corner.  Why four stars?  Two reasons.  The first is that there are no spells from the Advanced Players Guide listed – which is fine if you’re not using it but something of a pain if you plan to.  Second, at the (reviewed) price of $5.00 it’s a bit out of impulse purchase range when most of this material is available online via the SRD for free – albeit not compiled anywhere near as nicely.   4 out of 5 stars.

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