The Very Best of Troll in the Corner Vol. 2 available at DriveThruRPG

The Very Best of Troll in the Corner Vol. 2

Here you’ll find a collection of the best 10 articles we’ve featured over the past six months on our site.

We’re gamers. We love RPGs, board games, video games, CCGs, dice games; games where you juggle live hedgehogs. You name it, we love it. We’re figuring you do as well or you wouldn’t be here.

We’re comic book readers. Give us a cover where someone is wearing a cape or a nice example of Onomatopoeia and we’re in heaven. Who needs sunlight when there are stacks to read, sort and box up?

We’re SF/F fans. Elves and of course Trolls rock. Give them a beam weapon and the ability to hack SSL certs on a distributed network of proto-AIs and we’re talking good times.

Please, make yourself at home, loosen up and be who you really are while you spend time in this community. We’re all a little different and we ask that you accept these differences rather than harp on them so that we can all feel free to indulge in our love of gaming.

Included in this PDF:

An Introduction to Savage Worlds
Zen and the Art of the Fireball
Gaming: The Social Contract
Tunnels And Trolls: A Brief Retrospective
Tunnels And Trolls: An interview with Ken St. Andre
“You seem trustworthy!” – Bringing the Party Together
Recapturing the Magic
Roll vs Boredome: Slapjack Pistols
Mass Combat with D&D 4e – Formations as Swarms
Why do we Game?

Enjoy 31 pages of RPG goodness, on the house!

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4 thoughts on “The Very Best of Troll in the Corner Vol. 2 available at DriveThruRPG

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  1. Hey folks,

    It looked like the download got munged, eaten by Grues and then spat into the trash. Or something.

    I’ve since mucked about on DTRPG and gotten it working again.

    And thanks for the comment Hopeless Gamer! I too enjoy free stuff.


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