A sneak peak at the Supplicant – a new base class for Aruneus & the Pathfinder RPG

The Supplicant is a new base player class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the World of Aruneus.  Please note that this is a preview of the un-edited and un-playtested class.  As such, what you do see is subject to change.

The Supplicant

Forged from the resolve of a single tortured soul, the Supplicant is willing to give up everything to become that which they are devoted to destroy.  They are a force of divine power bent on the destruction of the zombie hordes which plague Aruneus and have sworn a sacred oath to themselves to fight until the last of the undead are destroyed.

A mere 20 years after the zombie apocalypse, Jayrl Stanis, the founding member of the Supplicants was tortured nearly to death by the Order of the White Cloth on false charges of sedition.  After escaping in to the wilderness and living off the land as best she could, she discovered a remote cavern.  Reachable only by scaling a thirty foot cliff, the cave offered Jayrl safety and an opportunity to contemplate and heal.

Living on her own for several years, and  avoiding the undead and the living alike, she came to the conclusion that the divine powers were absent at best, and possibly destroyed at worst.  If they had ever cared about the world, they would not have let something like the apocalypse or the Order of the White Cloth exist.

Obviously the divine powers were real, because clerics have power to affect the world in ways that others do not.  Jayrl, through much time spent meditating on the realm of the divine and conducting experiments of self-deprivation, realized that she could tap into the same power of the Gods, if at a much lesser extent than the divine beings themselves.  She could do so without relying on the outdated and static morals of the gods or their followers.

Jayrl made use of this ambient divine power, but circumvent the gods and clergy to forge her own bonds to the primal source of divine power.

With this, the Supplicant class was born.

They feel that the elimination of the undead and the saving of any living race are their two highest priorities. In fact, she looked on these two acts as the only truly divine acts a mortal can aspire to in the world as it is.

Supplicants are a class that draws from the reserve of the ambient divine power.  Through their utter devotion to their cause, they can tap this in a way others cannot.  They have two major roles.  To move through this world as freely as possible, even in the presence of the undead, causing as much damage to them as possible is their first role.  Their second roll is to make survival easier for others left alive.

The Supplicants are a new addition to the world or Aruneus and their numbers are not great.  There are thought to be less than two hundred Supplicants currently alive today.  Because of their history, they are generally violently opposed to the Order of the White Cloth, and place some of the blame for the zombie apocalypse on the Order’s shoulders.

Since the Supplicant can, for a time, make themselves immune to detection from the Contagion Infected Zombies, they are incredibly formidable foes against them. Anyone who has seen a Supplicant take the field single handed against a horde of zombies and emerge alive and unscathed can attest to this.

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Supplicant is proficient with all simple weapons plus the longbow and bardiche. Supplicants are also proficient with all light armor and shields (except tower shields).

Spells: A Supplicant casts divine spells which can be taken from the Supplicant’s spell list. At fourth level the Supplicant knows Cure Light Wounds and Detect Undead.  They may choose one additional 1st level spell from the Divine caster’s list.  At each level that the supplicant gains a new spell level, they may choose one additional spell from any of the spells available to them.

Undead Becoming(Su):  more on this later.

Endowments(Su): A Supplicant must make choices through the course of their dedication to the destruction of undead and preservation of life.  These choices endow them with abilities to hinder the undead, protect the living and aid in the Supplicants day to day survival.  Supplicants can choose six Lesser Endowments and six Greater Endowments as their character progresses.  A Supplicant cannot select an individual Endowment more than once, unless specifically stated in that Endowment.  A Lesser Endowment can be substituted for a Greater Endowment. – More on this later.

There’s your sneak peak!

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