Masks of Magic & More available for free today via DriveThruRPG

Want to grab a few  new magical items for your Pathfinder campaign?  Here’s your chance to save a buck (literally, this normally costs a buck) and get 9 new magic items to drop on your unsuspecting party.  Available through DriveThruRPG!   This offer ends when today does.

Welcome to a very special sale!  Recently the staff here at Troll in the Corner’s Magical Emporium was able to unearth a trove of magical items from deep within hidden ruins and far inside forbidding jungles!  We’ve conferred with the finest shaman and witch doctors as well as the area’s top ranking magical scholars who won our bidding process and can guarantee the authenticity and effects of these wondrous and strange artifacts!

We have for you today a selection of magical masks utilized in esoteric rituals by the most barbaric of peoples!  And we mean that in no sense to portray barbarians as anything other than the fine, upstanding and occasionally psychotic individuals who are always welcome to spend their hard earned coins at our Emporium!

In addition to our selection of magical masks, we’ve unearthed the rarest of intellectual weapons!  Strange shamanic talismans guaranteed to bring luck and vision!  A cursed item that is so vile we can only sell it to licensed collectors!  Licenses are available via our scribe for 10 GP per person.

Inside you will find:

The Mask of the Hunter (Wondrous Item)

The Mask of the Prey (Wondrous Item)

The Powder Mask (Wondrous Item)

Quietus Mask (Wondrous Item)

Bag O Bones (Magical Item)

Sword of Minkin’Mar (Intelligent Magical Weapon)

The Ethereal Hook (Magical Item)

The Heart Plug (cursed item)

The Button of Charming (Magical Item)


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