Free Pathfinder Magic Item – Mirkmoot’s Wondrous Waterator

We here at Troll in the Corner’s Magical Emporium are constantly searching the known and unknown worlds to bring you, our wealthy and overly encumbered adventurers, the finest magical items.  We’ve journeyed the planes, trawled lakes of fire, flitted through realms composed of clouds, and consorted with demon princes and godlings.

We’re not quite sure why it is then that we continue to be fascinated with the objects created by one forlorn and grumpy goblin, but fascinate us the creations of Mirkmoot certainly do!

Here you will find a free preview item from the forthcoming Mirkmoot’s More Magical Mayhem for Creatures Small and Great, featuring the amazing art of Tim Reardon!

Troll in the Corner’s Magical Emporium Presents: Mirkmoot’s Wondrous Waterater (Wondrous Item)

Aura: Strong Conjuration

Caster level: 6


Price: 6,000 GP

Weight: 2lbs


Mirkmoot’s Wondrous Waterator appears as a simple, lightweight wooden bucket of the type normally found around wells, inside cottages, or perhaps from our very own latrine. The Waterator has a capacity of two and a half gallons.

Apparently Mirkmoot has a favorite stream to drink from and do his washing.  Or at least, to drink from, we’re not sure just how often he washes.

On command, up to twice a day it will fill itself with 2 gallons of fresh, drinkable water and 1d4 small (2-4 inches in length) freshwater fish.  We’re not quite sure where Mirkmoot is conjuring this water from, but evidentially it’s a popular drinking spot for the local fauna because there’s a 5% chance with each use that one of the following will also be conjured, appearing in or near the bucket with a splash.

% Roll Unanticipated Summons
1-10% A large (2-4 lbs.) bass.
11-25% A large (2 lbs.) frog.
26-50% A very startled skunk.
51-70% An angry Giant Centipede.
71-94% An irate Wolf.
95-100% A Dire Ape who doesn’t take kindly to teleports.


Requirements Teleport  Cost 3000 GP

If you’d like to have this in PDF format, you can download a free copy from DriveThruRPG.

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7 thoughts on “Free Pathfinder Magic Item – Mirkmoot’s Wondrous Waterator

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  1. I’m working on a setting that will be for the table, but there’s always a chance I’ll think about something more grand for it.

    My main use for Mirkmoot will be in Freeport. There’s a goblin mage already in the setting but I like Mirkmoot better. =)


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