Aruneus – Where it’s at and what’s coming – or – zombies, goblins, haunted mines and two new classes

A lot has happened since my last official update in late July, so lets dig right in and see what’s new!

Last December I sat down with a good friend and we talked a bit about what a standard high fantasy world would be like if a worldwide zombie apocalypse were to happen to it.  What would happen to the various nations, empires and races?  Who would be affected most?   How would it change the political structure, the formation of cities, or just going for a stroll between adventures?

We’ve come a long way since then, starting with a little guy named Mirkmoot.

Initially developed before the whole Aruneus project got funded, Mirkmoot was a sort of diversion for myself.  He’s a crusty old Goblin, who against all of the odds was able to master (and I use that word in the loosest sense possible) the mysteries of wizardry.  He focused at first on creating magical items specifically for Goblins and other smaller races.  His items were quirky and fun, particularly when a party of PCs has not experience Mirkmoot’s particular blend of magical items.  He’s also a lot of fun to write.

I’ve decided that above and beyond what is already planned for the first Aruneus source book, Mirkmoot will be included as well.  As both an NPC and as the source of a number of interesting magical items.  Why?  He’s there to add a bit of light-hearted humor should the GM wish to include him.  He won’t be appearing specifically in either of the adventures to be included in the source book but he will be listed with the NPCs.

On that count, I’d like to introduce the face and the ample body of Mirkmoot, as composed by our new artist, Tim Reardon.  You can click him to make him even larger.

Tim will be illustrating the entire Mirkmoot II expansion and will also be contributing to the Aruneus project as a whole.  The new Mirkmoot expansion will be available in just a few weeks, barring anything major getting in my way, and I can’t wait to get it out in to the world!

Next, we’ve begun official play testing with the World of Aruneus.   We’ve instituted play test Challenges – events that GMs and their players can take part in and complete to earn points.  The number of points earned in total will determine where and how each group of play testers are recognized in the Aruneus source book, and may even lead to a few other neat things.  You can hit that link to read more about the Challenges, and sign up if you’re interested. We’ve just begun, so you haven’t missed anything yet.  Also, you can see another bit of artwork from Tim, in the form of a zombie there.

More cool news, I’ve been asked to attend Total Confusion XXV, in Mansfield MA as an industry guest! I’m very excited to be attending my first con as an industry person.  I’ll be running two sessions of the introductory Aruneus adventure, The Haunted Mines while there.  I’ll also be running a Talisman game and I plan on playing the heck out of a bunch of other stuff while there too.  If you’re going to be in the neighborhood, please let me know and we can say ‘hi’ at the con.

Work continues on the Haunted Mines, with more artwork coming in for that after Mirkmoot II is finished.  Then it’s on to two new classes, which are fairly well statted out and getting close to play-test ready.  After that, we’re looking at the long neglected Gods of Aruneus for which I already have a bunch of art.  Next the Herbal Supplement, on which I’m waiting for some art.  There are also going to be a number of NPCs in addition to Mirkmoot included in the source book, several of which are created and just rearing to go.

As you can see, things are moving along quite nicely! Questions or suggestions, let me know, or head over to the forums and ask away.

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