World of Aruneus – Play Test Challenge has begun!

You let your sword arm droop as you look at your companions.  Three of you are still standing.  The Cleric lies immobile and feverish, surrounded by rotting corpses.  Wiping sweat from your eyes, you shudder as you hear the moaning challenge of the undead coming from the wood to the East..  This days work is not done yet.

The first Aruneus Play Test Challenge has begun!  Each team of play testers will strive to meet the challenges before them.  For every challenge met, they will gain points.  How many points each group earns in a challenge determines their rank.  The highest ranked teams  get listed with the greatest honors in the Aruneus Sourcebook.

Our first challenge consists of testing the mechanics of the zombies.  That sounds a bit cold and clinical, so I’ll put it another way.  We need PCs to stand together, back to back, and be assaulted by increasingly larger hordes of ravenous undead until the last player falls.  We’ll be doing this to check some final changes to the Human Contagion Infected Zombies before we put these changes in to print.

Here is Challenge #1 – the Horde.

Here is some descriptive text explaining the Challenges in general.

It’s not to late to take part!  Each challenge will last 2-4 weeks and we’re always looking for new teams to take up the banner and fight the good fight.  Or the evil fight, depending on your alignment. If you have a group of 4-6 players who enjoy Pathfinder, having a direct influence on a gaming product currently being created, long moonlight walks on the beach and destroying hordes of undead, then you’ll very much enjoy this!  Contact us for more info.

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