Add to your Blogroll: The Hopeless Gamer

One of my favorite RPG Blogs to read, The Hopeless Gamer, is currently running a contest until next Friday, October 29th.  I thought I’d help spread the word, both to give our readers a shot at his PDF prizes and to infuse a little hope into the Hopeless Gamers with some exposure for their blog.

Just in time for Halloweeen, they are giving out PDFs of the fantastic Jenga-based horror game Dread or Monsters and Other Childish Things, the very interesting rpg of children and their imaginary monsters, that I have yet to try.

For full rules, hop over to their site linked above and read up on how to follow the blog and earn your chance to win.

Wishing you all the best of luck, and best of luck to The Hopeless Gamer crew so that they can keep writing the articles I enjoy reading so much.

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2 thoughts on “Add to your Blogroll: The Hopeless Gamer

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  1. Thanks much for the linking love! We feel very lucky to be able to give away these two really fantastic horror games to our readers. Don’t forget the contest it also a totally non-scientific poll on the greatest horror movie of all time. So no pressure 🙂


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