Corny Coverage – Con on the Cob Day 2

My second day at Con on the Cob started out well, due largely to the efforts of two amazing con goers. You see, I really had planned to go to CotC at the last minute, and I had not arranged for a place at which I could sleep for the night that I was going to be over. I figured something would work out, and thanks to two awesome folks, it did. A fold-out bed, a shower and breakfast were the highlights of my morning and trust me, I really beat sleeping in my car.

But I am nothing if not dedicated, and even if I had ended up resting in my vehicle, I still think that my second day at Con on the Cob would have been a blast. I started out with a trip to The Mother of all Marketplaces to take a look at the vendor booths that had been shut down when I arrived the night before. There were far too many awesome things to see, so I took my time walking the rows. While doing so, I managed to find some time to talk to the guys from Silvervine, a new RPG ruleset that allows you to, basically, create any type of character, ever. I got a good interview with them, and will have a write-up of it posted within the next couple of days.

Next, since I wanted to see if I could keep my streak of good gaming alive, I wandered into the RPG room and was promptly told that “I wanted to play at this table.” Oddly enough, I did. On the table was sitting an array of Indie RPGs, from Fiasco or Mouseguard to Dresden Files, and a few that I had never heard of before. The Sha-al-Hiri Roach, anyone? Our job was to take a vote and decide what game we were going to play. We settled on Fiasco, and I am glad we did so. The game showed me what fun Fiasco could be, and I really hope to have a chance to play it again. I recorded the audio, so expect a post on Fiasco soon, as well.

Finally, my day wrapped up (short day, I know, but I’ve got a job back in the real world and need rest and such) with an interview of the incomparable Jodi Black of Beautiful Brains Books & Games. As always, the audio is forthcoming, so keep your pants on.

I don’t want to give too many thoughts about CotC just yet, as I do want to write a full-on Retrospective tomorrow, but suffice it to say that my time there was too short. I had a blast and cam looking forward to going back next year.

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