Corny Coverage – Con on the Cob Day 1

As I mentioned in my first post on the subject, my arrival here at Con on the Cob was somewhat hurried. I left work as soon as I could and made my way north with all speed. The convention is held in the Clarion hotel in Hudson, OH, and there seemed to be enough space for all of the attendees. I got here at around 7:30 and began my “hey I just got to this convention” wandering.

By and large, things we closed down. The artist’s gallery was open, and I got to see some really cool pieces. Especially of note were the My Little Demon ponies of Heather Kreiter. For KantCon next year, I plan on running My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse, and her work is right up that alley. Stay tuned for more details on that front.

Following my jaunt through the artist’s gallery, found my way through the slightly maze-like hallways to the Savage Saturday Night Bar and Grill. This is a party that has been happening at Con on the Cob for more years than I care to count, and was attended by a right bunch of Savages. The folks there either loved Savage Worlds, or worked on products using the rules or both. A big shout-out goes to Sean Patrick Fannon for hosting the party and providing merriment for us all.

My night was capped off in an awesome way. Some of the Savage Saturday Bar and Grill attendees wanted to get their game on and I was able to grab a spot at their table. For about three hours, I had the honor to play Seamus McCormick, an Overconfident Huckster who was part of a posse looking to claim a bounty on an outlaw who didn’t end up staying as dead as we hoped he would. I captured all of the game audio, and it will be hosted at The Gamer’s Haven soon, so expect a full write-up.

My second day now beckons, and I’m hoping to get some good interviews in. If you want in-progress updates from me now, or from any convention, make sure to follow me on Twitter.

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