I Hate you Jim Butcher – a Love Letter

Unless you’ve been purposely avoiding bookstores, amazon.com, your library or anyone who pretends to read, even with the book upside down, you’ve heard of Jim Butcher.  That guy who writes about that other guy. The magic one.  Who’s funny and gritty and kicks faerie ass. It’s hard boiled, psuedo-noir detective meets modern urban fantasy.  And it SUCKS

ME IN!  Dammit.  Seriously Jim, you seem like a really nice guy.  I came about <———————————————————-> that close to meeting you at a convention once.

You were sitting at a table signing stuff and had a line about as long as the “Exit” queue on the Titanic.  I took the low road and wandered by your table, excusing myself past the 3rd or 4th person in line so I could glance over and see what you were up to.  You signed with verve.  With gusto and a smile.  You put up with the crowds, answered questions patiently and seemed to genuinely enjoy yourself. You also continue to write books that keep me up way past my bed time. That makes me conflicted.  I like my sleep.  I need my sleep.

I’m on book 10 or so of the Dresden Files and I am finding them very enjoyable. The perfect mix of quick action, tight plotting, and lines like “Knocked him on his little fairy ass.”  They are seriously good reads, the kind that are honestly hard to put down.  And I’m suffering for it.

On the one hand, I will heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a good series to read.  They don’t get old from book to book, the idea hasn’t fizzled.  It’s great stuff. The man has his own forum for crying out loud. As a testament to how cool he and his books are, it’s even an active forum.

On the other hand, if you enjoy sleeping then I can’t in good conscious recommend this series.  You won’t be getting much sleep while reading them. I litterally say to myself “Okay, one more chapter, just one.”  My problem is, I say that to myself at least five times a night.  Add to that the near physical need to purchase the next book in the series and, well it could be a recipie for disaster.

And if you’re here, you’re probably a role player.  There’s a damned Dresden Files RPG which is written nearly as well as the books!  It’s great too. GAH!

You have been warned!

By the way, the picture I used for this article is from the Dresden Files TV show, which is the one thing associated with Harry Dresden that didn’t overly impress me.  I did find a bunch of images of Jim Butcher, but I’ve no idea who to attribute them too, so I defaulted for the safe, public domain image.

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6 thoughts on “I Hate you Jim Butcher – a Love Letter

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  1. Just wait until you get to “Changes.” It will knock *you* on your ass. The good news it, you’ll be finishing up the book just in time for the next one to come out this month!


  2. @Josh Just so you know, ‘Side Jobs’, the release later this month, is a collection of short stories, one of which explains the stuff that happened right after Changes.


  3. Problem with the RPG is the cost… Saw it at origins and it was on my ‘must buy’ list until I realized you needed TWO books at $50 a piece. Thanks. I’ll stick with $9.99 savage worlds…


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