Quick Review: City of Jade, Haunted House Lonely Graveyard and Serial Killer – music and sound effects for your RPG session

Sonic Legends specialize in creating aural ambiance for your gaming session. Whether you’re playing in an Asian themed game, or something of a darker nature, with perhaps vampires, zombies or elder gods of old, they’ve done a fine job with their three latest creations.

It’s not often that I get to review audio products for this site, with the possible exception of my post on Alice in Chains.  I have reviewed one other Sonic Legends product, the City of Dark Elves.

If you’re looking for some atmosphere, you’ve found it.  All of the Sonic Legends products do a bang up job of putting you smack in to the middle of a mood.

City of Jade:  This is a very pleasing track with an authentic Asian flavor.  It does have some modern instruments featured, but I don’t think these will detract from any sort of Asian-themed RPG campaign, modern, medieval or ancient.  Of the four tracks here, this is the one that I added to my iPod just because I enjoyed listening to it and would do so again, RPG session or not.  5 out of 5 stars.

Haunted House: If you’ve decided that your session is going to have the feel of an 80’s horror movie, you need to get this track. Now.  It very much fits right into the slightly B grade horror movie genre. I don’t say this in a bad way, being that I grew up in the 80s and have a love of 80s horror flicks.  If you’re looking to do a seriously creepy game, this may not be the best choice.  But for some good background sounds with the occasional ghostly voice chiming in, it’ll do fine.  4 out of 5 stars for the slight cheese factor.

Lonely Graveyard: One of the more sound effects heavy products I’ve listened to from Sonic Legend, Lonely Graveyard has serious potential as creepy background music.  Set the lights a little lower as your party wanders into a strange setting, and suddenly start this off in the background and you’ll find people glancing over their shoulders and huddling a bit closer to the GM screen.  Heck, dispense with the RPG session and play this on Halloween night.  5 out of 5 stars.

Serial Killer: Featuring oddly dissonant voices and a nicely distorted guitar, this music is good for a modern campaign, particularly when the characters are heading into a troublesome encounter, or searching room to room for, say, a serial killer.  At one point “I’m so sorry!” echos through the music with just the right twist to the words.  Another great mood setter by Sonic Legends.

Each of these is available for $2.99 through DriveThruRPG.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Review: City of Jade, Haunted House Lonely Graveyard and Serial Killer – music and sound effects for your RPG session

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  1. Not to sound negative, but it always feels like these kinds of soundtracks make things video-gamey, do you feel like this one stands above the others, or should I just avoid it if I feel that way?


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