Dark Sun Campaign – PDF of the first adventure here for you to download

As promised and delivered early – Part one of my Dark Sun Campaign is available for download. This is intended for informational purposes only. I have made every effort to make it a coherent document from which a game can be completely run. All possible disclaimers apply to this adventure, including bodily harm.

Not included are any tactical battle maps, mostly because I use a vinyl battle map or official WotC ones included in various adventures. Another item I omitted was my hasty conversion from spiders to scorpions. One of my players suffers from arachnophobia and I decided after a moment that scorpions fit just as well. Plus, it gave me justification to order another half dozen scorpion minis online.

Dispatches From Athas Game 1

I hope you find it enjoyable and useful, and as always please email me with feedback using the link below.

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