The International Dungeons & Dragons contest! Win the Red Box, Rules Compendium, Heroes of the Fallen Lands and Dungeon Tiles!

Well, this is something a bit new for us!  We’ve gotten a number of authors who are writing authoritatively on Dungeons & Dragons 4e!  I’m very excited by this prospect because D&D 4e represented a big gap in Troll in the Corner’s collective RPG knowledge.  Now that’s remedied it’s time to spread the D&D love a bit.

We’re giving away a copy of the new D&D Rules Compendium, D&D Essentials:Heroes of the Fallen Lands, the new D&D Essentials Tiles Master Set: The Dungeon and of course, the Red Box Essentials Starter Kit!  And we’ll ship it to anywhere in the world it’s possible to ship to from the US.  International contestants welcome! That’s three new D&D titles for your gaming pleasure.

This contest will be running for two weeks, from today until Monday, October 18th.

How do you enter?  It’s going to be easy to score a quick entry and with a little more work you can increase the number of entries you have.

To get a single entry into this contest, simply email us with the subject “International D&D contest“.  In the body of the email, let us know your first name, and where in the world you are. That’s all you have to do, unless you want some extra entries. If you want more entries, don’t send that email yet!

Want to score some extra entries?  You can get two more by tweeting the following via the  twitter client of your choice.

@trollitc a new international D&D contest! Win 4 new D&D books, anywhere in the world! #RPG

Include your twitter username (@yourname) in your email so we can verify. Now you’ve got three entries.  Want two more?  Mention this contest on Facebook or your own blog/website/forum and you’ll get yourself three more entries.  Be sure to include a link to this in your email so we can verify and you’ll have six entries total.

Now there’s also a way to get yourself an additional 4 entries.  What you’ll have to do is head on over to the forums that Gamer’s Haven have kindly put up for us, register and join in.  All we really need from you is one post, but we’d be happy if you stuck around!  These forums are brand spanking new and rather empty at the moment so come over and join us, and score yourself 4 more entries!  Just make sure you include a link to your topic or some other identifying means in your email to us, and we’ll make sure you get your extra entries.

That’s 10 total entries that you can get.

How will the winner be chosen?  Each entry will be numbered.  We’ll use a random number generator or a skink in a little top hat and a jar of numbered flies to determine the winner.

Here are the rules, so pay attention!

  • Only one email entry per person please.  If you forgot to include an entry in your initial email, you can send us another one.
  • All decisions regarding the winners are final.
  • You can’t write for Troll in the Corner and enter this contest.
  • This contest is open to anyone I can legally ship these books to, anywhere in the world.  It’s up to you to make sure I can do that though!  (Shipping from the US).  I can’t be held responsible if for some reason I can’t ship these to your country.
  • I’ll be insuring this shipment and tracking it but I can’t be responsible if the US Postal Service screws up.
  • Contest ends Monday, October 18th at 11:59 PM EST.  Any entries received after that will not be considered.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address that you check!  That’s how I’ll be contacting the winners.  On that note, I will not be selling, keeping or using these emails for any other purpose than this contest.

Good luck!

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