Open call for Aruneus play testers – If you run Pathfinder, I could use you

Are you familiar with Pathfinder?  Do you have a reliable group of 3-6 players?  How would you like all of the free Aruneus PDFs I can get you?

I’m looking for several active groups who would meet at least once a month to run Pathfinder sessions featuring the World of Aruneus material.  This would give you a chance to explore a brand new Pathfinder setting and it would provide me and the Aruneus team with valuable feedback.

What I’m looking for

  • You’re a GM who’s familiar with Pathfinder and has at least the core rule book.
  • You’ve got a party ready to go and can meet for gaming sessions at least once a month.
  • You’d be willing to test the mechanics.  10 zombies versus your party.  20.  30.  Orcs versus humans, etc. This will be campaign-lite to start with but you will receive the official 1st level modules before they are published.
  • You really enjoy role playing, zombies, trying out new ideas, moonlit walks on the beach and writing about your experiences.
  • You’d be asked to report back via our forums at least once a month with your (and your party’s) thoughts on various aspects of the game.

What you’ll get out of it

  • All of my PDFs already published, which you’ll need for your testing.  That is, a copy for everyone in the group.
  • The names of you and your party listed in any future publication that you’ve actively tested (including revisions of existing material).
  • First look outside of the Aruneus Team at the newest items, creatures, adventures, gods and classes to come out of the World of Aruneus, and a good chance to influence how they’ll appear in the final product.
  • A PDF of the complete Aruneus sourcebook when it becomes available.

Interested?  Please drop me a line directly and let me know.  Include details about your Pathfinder experience, your group, how often you’d be willing to meet and play test and where in the world you are.

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2 thoughts on “Open call for Aruneus play testers – If you run Pathfinder, I could use you

Add yours

  1. I’d be happy to give this a shot. I got a group of guys who usually meets once every two weeks, and we have the Core Rulebook, the PHB2, and the Bestiary.


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