Near Boston? Attend StrowlerCon (a Steampunk event) to have an awesome time and help out our friends at Dead Gentlemen Productions!

I just got this press release from the fine folks at Dead Gentlemen Productions, who you may know from our site. They’ve done some fine work with the Gamers series and other productions.  They have a new Steampunk based production coming out called “Strowlers” – which I look forward to seeing!  StrowlerCon will take place over Columbus Day weekend.

Are you near Boston this weekend? We need your support. But we promise it’s the best kind of support: the kind that hooks you up with great music, steampunk costumery, naughty circus performers, and entertainment from the edge, all at a show called StrowlerCon. And there’s one other thing to consider…

“Strowlers” is our next project after “JourneyQuest” (along with a certain gaming sequel). Matt Vancil and Ben Dobyns, our go-to guys for ten years of DG productions, created Strowlers as a steampunk webseries, set in modern day Seattle in the Kingdom of Cascadia. They’ve done a ton of world-building, scriptwriting, and development over the last three years to make this show something truly special. And it turned out to be more special than they anticipated: it resonated with some of the best indie musicians in the country, folks who make their living touring the states and world. Those musicians saw the concept poster for Strowlers and said “This is us.”

A year later, their hard work and passion have brought the Strowler Live Events to life. The event in St. Louis is past, but Boston and Seattle are still to come. In fact, StrowlerCon is this weekend in Boston.

We need your help selling tickets. The organizers of the Strowler events have put themselves on the line financially to make these events amazing. They deserve to have every single ticket sold, with a line stretching out the door and around the block. And these are our people—they’re gamers, geeks, nerds, performers, costumers, fire-spinners, tricksters, you name it. They’re risking everything to pursue the kind of life we all dream of having. And frankly, the DG core fans deserve to meet the fans of these musicians. For one thing, they’re awesome people. For another, they’re us. For a third, their fans include an unusual proportion of hot gamer geeks with a thing for nerds. (Wait until you see the music video we shot with them. You’ll see!)

So what’s happening and who’s playing? We’ll let SJ Tucker and Kevin Wiley speak for themselves in just a moment, but first, the call to action. Please, spread the word. Invite your friends. Take a chance and show up. Our people need help and our fans are mighty. You know what to do! (Also, we’ll give you 15% off tickets. Just use the code “strowlers15” during checkout.)

(If you’re in Seattle, please preregister for Strowler Nights. We’ll be there en masse with a gala screening of JourneyQuest, cast and crew signings, and more. More details soon…)

So please, help our friends out. You’ll also be helping us build momentum for a new film production that we can’t wait to share with you!

Here’s the word from SJ and Kevin:

We are producing StrowlerCon as a three night, two-day event in the
main ballrooms of Woburn Holiday Inn, north of Boston on Columbus Day
Weekend.  Expect three nights of concerts with circus arts, dancing,
and theatrical fun in between, set in a fandom-convention-style event
with daytime workshops, panels and a Maker Showcase (ie. better than
an art show, featuring inventive creations and physical artworks of
all sorts.)

Our currently expected schedule:

Friday, starting at 7pm:
A short opening from Kellianna
Alexander James Adams – The Faerie Tale Minstrel
SJ Tucker / Skinny White Chick – Mythpunk Musical Storyteller
Catherynne M. Valente’s Palimpsest / Orphan’s Tales Road Show
(short intermission)
Late night, naughty circus variety show

Workshops and panels from 11am to 5pm
Maker Showcase activities from 11 am to 5pm
evening concerts start at 7pm:
Kellianna – Mystical chants and stories of myth and magic
Sharon Knight – Fierce and lyrical celtic folk rock
Tricky Pixie – Gypsy celtic folk rock for naughty punk faeries
(short intermission)
Late night, naughty circus variety show
afterparties up in the hotel rooms

10/10/10 Celebration VIP Sunday Brunch from 9:30am to 10:30am
Workshops and panels from 11am to 5pm
Maker Showcase activities from 11 am to 5pm
evening concerts start at 7pm:
SJ Tucker / Skinny White Chick – Mythpunk Musical Storyteller
Heather Dale – Celtic music for the 21st century
The Gypsy Nomads – Gypsy celtic cabaret for the tribal and the punk
(short intermission)
Late night, naughty circus variety show

StrowlerCon takes it’s name from a 17th century English word found in
a “Dictionary of Thieving Slang” from 1737 ::: “Strowlers, n.
Vagabonds, Itinerants, Men of no settled Abode, of a precarious Life,
Wanderers of Fortune, such as Gypsies, Beggars, Pedlars, Hawkers,
Mountebanks, Fidlers, Country-Players, Rope-dancers, Jugglers,
Tumblers, Shewers of Tricks, and Raree-show-men.”  We believe in
pushing boundaries and we believe in those who have the vision and the
will to make their own way through the world, rather than blindly
following the examples and rules set by others.

We are part of the Touring Music Collective, the producers of
StrowlerCon;  we are a group of bands, duos, and solo musicians who
have rallied together to support each other as independent artists.
The collective’s artists aid each other by sharing resources and
pooling their collective power for the greater good, as an alternative
to the old and outdated “music label” model.   A good percentage of
our membership are also circus arts performers, jugglers, dancers, and
fire performers.

We’ve put on the Strowler events as a collective effort between bands,
performers, and volunteer fans to bring yet another facet of the music
industry back into the hands of the artists.   We are opening up
StrowlerCon in Boston and its sister event, Strowler Nights in
Seattle, to dancers, circus performers, side-show artists, and Makers,
because we share an interest in these performance arts, and appreciate
their value.

The hotel offers free shuttle transportation within a five mile
radius, including to and from the local MBTA station (Anderson
Station), for hotel patrons from 7:30am-9pm.

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