Because you read us, you save 20% off of 15 publisher’s entire PDF catalogs!

Looking to pick up that new RPG product but want to score a bit of a deal first?  Here’s your chance!  Simply because you read our site, we’ve got a deal for you.  Thanks to the lovely folks at DriveThruRPG you can get 20% off of the entire catalog of these fine publishers!  With PDFs being far less expensive than print products, this adds up to a decent savings!

When you go to check out, just enter this coupon code:  HotAugustGames2010

This deal is good through October 5th.

Since they’re all offering you a discount, I feel I should do the same on my products.  So the entire Troll in the Corner/Aruneus collection is available for 25% off.

Thanks for reading and thanks for making this awesome hobby better!  We appreciate every single email and comment!

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