Audio Blitz! People and Interviews from GenCon

I already linked you all to my time talking to Keith Baker at GenCon, but there are a lot of other great people that I talked to, and the audio is ready to go, do why not put the links down so you can feed your ears?

The audio this time around was all processed by Ethan Parker of Gamer’s Haven fame. I took everything that I did, or that we did together, and put it up on his site. In the case of the shorter interviews, he strung a bunch of them together so that they made a larger file. As well, he joined me on a few of the interviews, which was always fun. I’m going to link to all of them and give a short breakdown on each file.

So, here we go!

The One With All of the Interviews

These were a lot of fun. Throughout the convention, I had time to talk to a lot of really neat people, and the list is as follows:

  • David Hill and Filamena Young with Maschine Zeit
  • Sean Preston with Reality Blurs
  • Crafty Games
  • with Matt Grau
  • Jess from Geeky Clean
  • Brennan Taylor formerly of Indie Press Revolution
  • Loren Coleman of Catalyst Game Labs
  • Globalization
  • Chris Engle and Thunder Hamsters from Hamster Press
  • Christopher De La Rosa with Hunters Books and Apparel and Outbreak Undead
  • The first thing that I want to say about these interviews is how cool the people were to talk to. Everyone was candid and answered the questions asked in what seemed like an honest manner. I also learned some interesting things along the way, such as:

    Iron Dynasty, the steampunk samurai game from Reality Blurs, is not going to stay a Savage Worlds-only product. In fact, they are going to be releasing the setting for FantasyCraft, as well. No timeframe for the release, but it’s still a cool bit of news.

    I’m also really excited to read and review some of the products that were talked about during these interviews, including Maschine Zeit, Thunder Hamsters, Moonbase Crisis, and Outbreak: Undead. I am also planning on taking an extended look at Infrno, because it looks like it could be really useful.

    The ENnie Awards

    If you didn’t have a chance to watch the videocast of the ENnie awards, but are curious to know what the ceremony is like, then this is the audio to listen to. We did arrive at the awards a little late, so we missed a lot of the info on the RPGNow Gamers Helping Haiti project (which apparently went well), but we did manage to get all of the awards in. If you didn’t hear the winners for this year, just trust me when I say, it was a very Pathfinder year this year.

    Some Actual Play – Killball and Pathfinder

    Lastly, I did actually get to play a few things at GenCon this year, and two of those things were Killball and a sort Pathfinder delve.

    Killball is a boardgame by Travesty Games that plays like soccer, but with death, dismemberment and a world of pain. It seemed like it could fun, and I’m hoping to be able to get my hands on a copy of it for a full review.

    As well, I participated in a quick Pathfinder delve that saw our group trying to take out some werewolves that were plaguing a nearby village. Unfortunately, we were the ones that got taken out, as out tactics were far from useful. Still, it was a lot of fun.

    And that’s all she wrote

    Unless I miss my guess, that’s the end of my GenCon coverage for this year. I had a great time at the convention, and I am really looking forward to going next year. Keep check back to Troll in the Corner, as I will be getting out reviews of things I got at GenCon as the days, weeks, and months go on.

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