John Wick’s Cat System is Being Ripped Off!

John Wick, known for his creative efforts on the Legend of the 5 Rings RPG, the Houses of the Blooded RPG, his Play Dirty Youtube videos, and a great deal of other works, has just announced on Facebook that his indie role playing game Cat, released in 2005 by Wicked Dead Brewing Company, is currently being plagiarised and sold on the popular self-publishing website Lulu.

John linked to the product in question, here, and states that the game is a direct copy of his.  His comment reads, “Someone calling themselves “FNH” is publishing a Cat roleplaying game that’s EXACTLY like the Cat RPG I published years ago. Right down to the fact that you fight invisible monsters to protect mankind, the contest, the king of the cats, everything.”

For now, I’ll refuse to purchase the suspect document on principal.  I trust that John wouldn’t raise a false alarm on something like this, but I’m curious as to exactly how close the two compare.  To be fair, the concept of cats protecting mankind from creatures dates back centuries, and has at least made one film appearance in the 1985 film Cat’s Eye.  In the final short, a young Drew Barrymore is attacked nightly by a goblin-like creature.  Her new pet cat, The General, for which the short is named, protects her by doing fierce battle with the evil imp.  The final climactic battle against the mean troll can be seen here.

If anyone has checked out both games, I’d love to know if this appears to simply be the same concept, or strict word for word plagiarism.

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  1. I wasn’t a fan of Houses of the Blooded, but it’s no good thing for someone to take work that’s not theirs and distribute it as their own. I hope John is able to get this sorted out.


  2. More than anything, The Flash is fun, a celebration of amazing abilities and pure-hearted heroism, the kind of stuff that drew people to superheroes in the first place.


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