Aruneus is Fully Funded, but You Can Still Help!

Since Ben is out recovering, I’m sure he’d want me to make this post in his stead.

His setting, the Aruneus Project a Pathfinder Zombie Post Apocalypse, recently hit 100% and thus is officially funded!  Soon, he’ll be putting together the finishing touches for his project (and I’ll be editing!).  Thank you to all of the supporters out there!  He really is stoked, and this is probably the best present for him to spend a few days enjoyng while building his strength.  How could you not be fully charged up knowing that all of your hours of effort on an RPG setting really will be published?

There is still some time to join in as a backer of the project, which currently sits at 111% of the goal with 13 hours left at the time of this post.  Any excess earnings today will go towards making Aruneus better, and now you know for SURE that it is going to happen, so jump in!  You can find info on how to donate and more on the Aruneus Project HERE.

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