GenCon 2010 Expanded Coverage – Candid Keith Baker

I had some random things happen to me when I went to GenCon, but nothing was more random than my Thursday afternoon.

I had forgotten one of the most important thing about going to a big convention, something that got me through Origins without crashing and burning: I had forgotten to take a solid afternoon break. When I was at Origins, every afternoon found me at Barley’s, relaxing with some food and a pint. So, instead of going to a Dresden Files game (which turned out to be something good to skip), I decided to find a place in Indianapolis to do just the same. And while I was walking down the street, who did I run into but my friend from Origins, David.

For those that don’t remember, David is the guy who encouraged me to try out a bunch of games I otherwise would not have, Plus, he’s just a genuinely good guy. He’s also a guy that knows people. When he goes to conventions, he meets people, talks to them and makes a good impression. Suffice it to say, we went and got a beer together. During our relaxing, he mentioned that Keith Baker, creator of Eberron, winner of the WotC Setting Contest, would be hanging out in a lobby not too far from where we were. It wasn’t an official event, Keith was just going to hang out and talk to folks who like what he does.

I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about Keith. I had no familiarity with Eberron, aside from knowing that it existed. I will say this: talking to Keith was great. He was very candid, and we got to talk a lot about his attachment to the setting he made, his thoughts on the direction that 4th Edition took the setting, and what his plans are for the future.

The best part? I got the audio of the whole thing. Now, unlike my audio from Origins, I’ve given all of the audio I got at GenCon to my friend Ethan from The Gamer’s Haven, and he is hosting all of that audio as part of their RSS feed, since audio is what they do.

To find the audio of the time that I got to spend with Keith Baker, click these words, and you will be transported.

And, now that Ethan has my audio files up and ready to go, expect to see me link to them often as I continue to write in more detail about what I experienced at GenCon. The GH folks are good folks, and you can expect to see those of us here at TC working with the Gamer’s Haven more and more as time goes on.

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