A massive Aruneus update – lots of new art and a layout artist joins us!

Here’s an update on the ongoing Aruneus Project.  The world of Aruneus is vast, and gave room for an uneasy peace amongst the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. Empires were formed, lives created and destroyed, magic flourished, and for a brief time Humanity strove to master the world.

First and foremost – while work continues on all of the new Aruneus documents, I’m also heavily involved in revising the existing core of Aruneus works.  I’ve brought in a fantastic layout artist, Eric Vernon, who’s already redone one of my non-Aruneus projects, Mirkmoot.  (Go here to view a full sized preview).   Eric is currently working on the Contagion Infected Human Zombies and the Zombie Cards.  Once the zombies are done, I’ll have the errata from the Orcs applied, as well as some re-written material and possibly some new additions and they will be next to receive a revised layout.

Recently I was very pleasantly surprised to get the latest art from Seth Kumpf. Seth has provided the Aruneus Project with the lions share of the artwork and he’s coming through with even more. I’d like to share the new World of Aruneus header which will be on the Aruneus documents. As well as our new header, Seth has provided a new, full color zombie.  He’s got more coming our way too, which is fantastic!

I’ll also be bringing in art from a number of new artists!  Ever hear of Dan Houser? He’s a great artist who’s work can be seen in Adamant Entertainment’s Villainomicon, Phipps Publishing’s upcoming ‘Book of Villains’ and ‘Wargames’, as well as serving as Line Artist for Adamant’s ICONS line of modules and supplements. And now it an be seen in Aruneus as well! Dan’s given us a sweet meat treat, in the form of this guy!

Another addition to our artist pool is Hayley Ehrenfeld, who is illustrating the Magical Herbs and Plants of Aruneus, which will feature a number of new herbs and plants that can be used either directly or in rituals and spells.  Here’s two of the six new paintings she’s providing to us.

Another bit of cool news.  I’ve been talking with Jess at Geeky Clean who doesn’t just make really freaking cool soap.  It turns out she’s one of those multi-talented people and is a very good artist as well.  She’s going to try her hand at a bit of Aruneus art and we’ll see where that goes!

Lastly, a bit of not so great news. I have a touch of the zombie fever, or something modern and medical that’s not to distant a cousin to it. It’s looking like I’ll be heading into the OR and out of actively working for a few days just about when this project is set to wrap. Nothing would please me more than coming out of this whole thing with an RPG book to be made!  That’s my impassioned plea to please bring this project above it’s current 83% mark!

If you’re interested in what you get for becoming a backer and have not clicked on the widget or seen the project, here’s what you’re in store for:

Pledge $10 or more

For $10 you will receive the finished Aruneus source book in full color, PDF format when it becomes available. You will also, should you choose, have your name (or a favorite character name) listed in the credits as a Patron. No copyrighted names for characters please.

Backer 2 BACKERs

Pledge $25 or more

For $25 you will receive the full color PDF, be listed as a Patron, and receive the complete back catalog of all Pathfinder PDF’s I’ve published as of September 10, 2010.

Backer 1 BACKER

Pledge $35 or more

For $35 you will receive all of the above, plus a 1 year subscription to any future PDFs published, starting on September 10, 2010 and lasting until September 10, 2011

Backer 4 BACKERs

Pledge $50 or more

For $50 you will receive all of the above, plus the hard cover of the book when it is complete. In addition, you will be listed as a Founding Patron, should you wish, and you will receive an exclusive Aruneus T-shirt.

Backer 3 BACKERs

Pledge $75 or more

For $75 you will receive all of the above, with all available digital products pre-loaded on a 1GB flash drive. You will also become part of the Aruneus canon. I will include your name, or the name of your character in the Aruneus source book as a named NPC.

Backer 1 BACKER

Pledge $100 or more

LIMITED REWARD     19 of 20 remaining

For $100 you will receive all of the above, be listed as a Friend of Aruneus, receive an original and a one of a kind magical item designed by me and provided in digital and print (on parchment) copy. You will enter the Aruneus canon as a named NPC who plays a pivotal role in the world, and will appear again in at least one future Aruneus document.

Backer 1 BACKER

Pledge $200 or more

LIMITED REWARD     12 of 15 remaining

For $200 or more, you will receive all of the above, plus have your name (or character name) permanently embedded on the Troll in the Corner website, be featured as a Patron Par Excellence in the finished book. Your NPC will be featured with original artwork based on a description or photo provided by you. I will write you a personal letter of thanks, sign your hard copy, feature you in an article on Troll in the Corner (should you chose) and design a one of a kind short adventure featuring your NPC. Two, count ’em, two copies of the book, both signed and lastly, you will receive ANY future Aruneus PDFs free of charge.

Backer 3 BACKERs

Pledge $500 or more

LIMITED REWARD     3 of 3 remaining

The Uber-Patron is what we’ll call you. You will be added to the Aruneus pantheon of gods. You will effectively become immortal in the Aruneus world. Customized artwork for you will be created with great reverence. You will receive this special document as one of a kind hard cover featuring your artwork on the cover. Your god will feature prominently in the Aruneus campaign, with a new domain and complete spell list dedicated to you, and will be available to mere mortals only by purchasing or pre-ordering the Essential Aruneus. You will also receive three, signed and dedicated copies of the hard cover, everything mentioned in the above rewards, and a custom T-shirt featuring your god. You’ll be listed not in the patron section of the book, but in the credits as an Executive Producer.

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