The Journal of a Sunite – First Entry

                In front of you sits a small leather bound journal, the leather has been skilfully dyed a deep ruby red and the pages are edged in gold. Upon the cover carefully crafted into the leather is a picture of a woman with long wild hair, she is a beauty to look upon and her eyes seem to be playfully dancing as they stare off the page. The book is held closed with a golden buckle, in which another piece of red leather is carefully threaded through. Upon the inside cover of the book reads an inscription:

Here be the writings of Isabella, cleric and devoted follower of the Lady Firehair, Sune.

Feeling the temptation wash over you, you can no longer resist its subtle call, the take the book from its resting place and begin to read….

27th of Mirtul, Early Morning.

                As far as I can remember I have always wanted to be like my Aunt, her charming ways with people, her care for all beautiful things, and her stories of the adventures she had been on over the years.  It was no surprise to anyone in my family when I followed in her footsteps and joined the church of Sune, even recently when I proclaimed that I would be leaving my fair home of Silverymoon in hopes to bring love, companionship and beauty to a place in need, no one was at all surprised. My mother had sighed and said that it had been inevitable, my father only smiled his secret little smile, my aunt on the other hand gave me much advice, the one thing that really stuck in my mind was when she told me about the only thing she had learned to regret about her days away from Silverymoon; and that was that she could no longer recall all the details which made her wish so very much she had kept a journal. With that piece of knowledge she slipped this most exquisite book into my hands and said “Isabella, don’t you have the same regrets as me….” and she winked at me.

                So seeing as I have been supplied with the means, and been given the desire to do so I will start here by recording the events which have transpired since I arrived in the place in which I have decided to start spreading the love and beauty that is Sune. The place I speak of is Melvaunt, in Thar, it is a place so much the opposite of my lovely Silverymoon that it almost hurts me to be here, however that makes it the perfect place to start. Within a few days of being here and trying to do some good, I was asked if I would escort a caravan along its usual route to pick up shipments of metal and coal in a place called Glister. The way there was quite uneventful, which was nice, I got to speak with a few other people who were also hired to keep the caravan safe there was two men and two other women.

One of the men is quite easy on the eyes and seems to have a way with the arcane, his name is Randall, he hails from Battledale, and because of that his thirst for battle is so different from any caster I have encountered before. The other man is very strong and carries a large sword with him, although under all that metal he seems to have a very kind heart, I have so far worked the closest with him and through the last few days I can say I have come to see him as a trusted ally, but more about that at a later date. Of the two other females, I can already say I prefer to spend my free time more with Marina then with Isis. Marina is one of those few and wonderful people gifted with the joy and love of music, she herself is very talented and I must make sure to see if she can play any music in which I would be able to dance to.  Marina, or Rina as she prefers, is very fun and seems to understand my create love and beauty everywhere I go, of all the others she seems to be the only one that doesn’t assume me to be some sort of consort only doing what I do for money. The life of a Sunite!! Now as for the final member of our little guard duty we have the aforementioned Isis. This woman seems to be all about money, she has even hinted to having the desire to take things that are not her own. She doesn’t seem to be very thankful for any kindnesses given to her and Sune knows, I am going to have to work hard to find the beauty in her!

Enough about the other people I’ve worked with and let’s move on to some actual events. The gentleman who hired us would only go by the name Captain, we learned that his crew had rebelled against him and he had lost his ship. He now ran the caravan to and from Melvaunt looking to raise money so he could get himself another ship. I believe his reasoning for not telling us his name was that he did not want anyone to call him anything but Captain until he was able to get another ship. He was a proud sort of man, and a very good storyteller. The reason he had hired us was that there had been many recent Orc attacks on his caravan. Is there ever a place where those vile creatures just keep to themselves? Anyways, there was one particular Orc, Grouzul, that had it out for Captain and he was looking to end that one way or another. Basically Grouzul and his band had been collecting ‘taxes’ from anyone travelling on the road, obviously this needed to be stopped.

As I’ve already stated the trip to Glister was uneventful, we were able to pick up the goods, and head back. On the second night we stopped to camp on top of a hill called Falcon Tor. Captain sent out his scout Cortanez and Yurgen, the cartwright fixed a broken wheel on one of the carts. We all took turns on watch and during the first shift; Randall was attacked by an ugly gaunt looking creature. The noise was enough to wake the rest of us up and it was easy to beat, with Marina getting the killing blow! The next morning as usual I started to wash up with my scented soaps, some of my companions asked if they could borrow some, I was pleased to see how some of them were inspired to clean up, I had yet to even point out the stink that had been following them around. I believe most of them decided to by some unscented soap when we return to Melvaunt!

                We headed out on the last day of our journey almost sure they we would not be attacked as the travel was almost finished, well we were quite wrong. About three hours from our final destination we were stopped by a band of Orcs lead by one much greater Orc I could only assume to be Grozul. Captain and he exchanged a few words and before we knew it Captain was firing the biggest looking crossbow I have ever seen! It was big enough to have been mounted in defence of a building! That began the battle and boy did I have my hands full, Isis charged right into battle and tried to attack Grozul, he attacked back and she was flattened, at this point I had situated myself with Ivor and Randall because I had assumed Isis would use her ability to be sneaky and not get as hurt. So I had to head to the front of the caravan before anything worse could happen to her. There is no rest for a healer, let me say, I was constantly moving and healing, however I must say it was pleasant to watch Ivor and Randal wield such power and might to defeat the Orcs it made the running around well worth it.

                Needless to say we were successful and we made it back to Melvaunt with the needed goods. The Captain was so happy he told us he was able to finally afford a ship. He asked all of us if we would invest in his boat, and he promised good returns on that investment, we all took him up on the offer, even Isis which didn’t seem to be something she would have normally done. The Captain told us to contact a man named Oblin Blacklebuck the owner and operator of the trading post in town; he said he’s the type we might get along with.

That night I spent with the Captain telling him stories of Silverymoon and my home and he told me of all the adventures he had been on. He revealed to me that his actual name was Captain Earl Dukshulk. We spent the night keeping each other company in a nice warm room at the inn. What my fellow companions believe might have happened that night probably involves all kinds of ‘scandalous’ behaviour, but I found with Captain Dukshulk his true love was for his ship and his adventures, and I feel I helped him express that love that night.

                I am being called on by Rina so I do believe there is something the others may want my help with. I feel as if I may be spending more time with them, they are good people and I am happy to do that. For now dear journal that is all, if I have the time I will return tonight to tell of what the day did bring.

With Love and Beauty

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