GenCon 2010 – Days 4 & 5: Double-Day Recap

So much of a convention like this just seems to pass in a blur. I know that I’ve talked to a lot of really cool people, but if I had to name them or step knee-deep into a fire-ant hive, I’d have burning welts all over my lower legs. (Did I really just write that? Must have, no one else is in front of my laptop but me). Fortunately, I have awesome tools like Twitter to use to keep track of those kinds of things. After all, if you can’t remember someone’s actual name, try for their Twitter name; it works for me.

As you can see from the title, this is a recap of my last two days at GenCon, due to tiredness setting in while I was typing on Saturday night, and a lack of time preventing me from writing anything further on Sunday. So, without too much further ado which you could really do without because I might just start rambling on… wait,  I did just that. Anway: Saturday.


The bulk of my day on Saturday (day 4, for those trying to keep me honest) started off in much the same way as most of my days at GenCon: wake up, eat something, relax until it comes time to go to the Exhibitor’s Hall. I got quite a bit of satisfaction from just walking around, talking to people about their games, playing some demos, taking pictures, and generally just soaking everything in. I did take a break to have lunch with my friend Ethan from The Gamer’s Haven Podcast (Ennie Honorable Mention this year), which was awesome. Following that, though, I went back to the Exhibitor’s Hall and continued to walk and talk.

I should also mention my “brush” with fame. I was standing at the Indie Press Revolution booth, and Wil Wheaton walked and began talking to one of the guys at the booth. Now, when I heard Mr. Wheaton was going to be at GenCon, I decided that it was really cool, but that I wasn’t going to fuss myself over trying to meet him, let alone give him a die. Well, when he ended up standing not five feet from me, my inner geek completely took over. My brain shouted “OMFGTHATISWILM-FINGWHEATONRIGHTTHERE,” I pulled out a die (and a business card) and handed him both. I hope that it wasn’t a dick move to pass him a card along with the die. Oh well. Now he has a Warhammer Fantasy skull-pipped d6 to add to his collection.

Saturday Night

Saturday night saw a lot of cool things happen. Firstly, dinner, then I got to play in a game of Aye, Dark Overlord, which was an absolute blast even though we didn’t have enough players. You get to make up ridiculous excuses for your bungling, while trying to pass the buck to your fellow players. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.

Following that, I went to the Media Meet & Greet and met some folks, whose names escape me as of right now, and I spent some time listening to some great conversations. My plan after the Meet & Greet was to go to Savage Saturday Night, which I did do, but as both that and the Meet & Greet started at 8, the tables were full when I got there. I did manage to find a spot in a game for Mags from All Games Considered, as she had never played Savage Worlds, so that was cool. Oh, and thanks again to Clint Black from Pinnacle for finding her a spot in a game.

After that, I got a call from a friend to come and check out the Mythic Party. Those guys did some awesome fundraising for charity, and it was a really good time watching Keith Baker run a game. The man seems to have energy to burn. Following that, I went back to the room, began writing this post, and fell asleep.


Sunday, being the fifth day of the Convention of Geneva… or something, I woke up to the task of packing up my room to check out. I did so, shouldered my backpack and went to, (take a wild guess), the Exhibition Hall!

I spent all day walking around, seeing how the convention was for the various vendors that were there, grabbing some more interviews, and most importantly, coming away with as many things to review for Troll in the Corner as I could. I saw a lot of really cool looking products, and I talked to a bunch of passionate people. If their passion is really translated into what they made, then you should see some reviews of great products soon here on TC.

Finally, I had a late lunch with a bunch of my friends and, sadly, called a close to my first GenCon. I had a really good time, met some great people, and I saw some freaking cool things. Over the next few days, look for more expanded coverage on the convention, just as I did for Origins. As well, I should have both a Retrospective and a Photo Dump up sometime tomorrow.

I’ll close with this last thought: I am definitely going back next year.

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  1. It’s a ton of fun, and yeah, it’s super-busy, but since I went on a Press Pass to cover it for TC, that keeps me from overdoing it so I have the energy to write about it. =)


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