GenCon 2010 – Day 3 Ennies and Such

My third day in Indianapolis dawned…. well, I’m sure that it did dawn, but unlike when I went to Origins, I am getting a lot more sleep here. Not sure if that means I’m doing this right, or doing it wrong, but I feel better. Anyway, I got up at around 8:30, which was nice, and walked over to the Convention Center.

The Morning

The morning was an eventful one for me. You see, I’m new to this whole “Hey, I write for a blog, might you be willing to give me something awesome to look at so I can tell people how awesome it is?” thing. For some reason, having a business card in hand helps me. I don’t know if it lends me credibility, or if it just gives me the confidence to ask, but I stopped at a number of booths and have lined up a veritable slew of gaming goodness to review for you all, including some hardcover goodness from the folks at Paizio.

*Cue loud squeeing noises coming from a hotel lobby in Indianapolis (I know that, at GenCon, that doesn’t really narrow the location down, but still).*

Seriously though, the vast majority of these game designers are just like you and me (aside from apparently being massively more creative). I’ve got some really great things to look at when I get home. There is stuff from folks who use Indie Press Revolution as their distributor, stuff from Rogue Games on the way and a very, very cool quasi-exclusive thing from Catalyst. I promise I’ll tell you more about it when I post the audio from my interview with them.

Oh, and that’s the other bit. I’ve been grabbing interviews when I can, including one with Jess from Geeky Clean. Her products seem to be working because I have not encountered any convention funk, so, bonus!

The Afternoon

My afternoon was a bit up-and-down. I had scheduled a Dresden Files game (well, I got an extra ticket from a friend), but when I got to the hotel, I was feeling nine different kinds of out-of-sorts. I debated with myself for a while (in public, no less), and, after talking to a nearby group who were waiting to see if they could get in to said game with generic tickets, I passed my ticket over and let one of them take my spot. As it turns out, that was a great idea. I don’t think that this particular game was run by anyone from Evil Hat, so when I met up with my friend later to apologize for ditching the game, she immediately responded that “it was the best f–king decision you could have made.” I felt bad for her, having to play with a not-great group, using a system she turned out to not like, but it turned out to be a good decision for me for more than one reason.

I realized the reason I was feeling run down was because I hadn’t taken my afternoon downtime like I did at Origins. I decided to rectify that by finding a bar, having a drink and some food and relaxing. Well, while I was walking towards said bar, I ran into my friend David. You remember David, right? He’s the guy I met at Origins who steered me into so many great games. Yeah, he’s here, too, and I randomly bumped into him. We chatted for a while, and then he took me to the bar to buy me a drink. It was the best drink I’ve ever had, and the pickle chips at The Ram were great, too.

While we were talking, he asks me if I would want to spend some time hanging out with Keith Baker. You know, the guy that won WotC’s setting contest and got to publish a little thing called Eberron? Of course, I said yes. So, we met up with Keith, and I’ve got 40 minutes of him talking about Eberron, what he’s got going on in the future, all kinds of good stuff. It was great.

The Evening

Following that, I met up with my friends from the Gamer’s Haven, and All Games Considered for dinner and the ENnies. This was my first time attending the awards show (since it’s my first GenCon, that only stands to reason). And we had a good time. I tweeted the results (mostly) live last night, and you can find a list of the winners here. As expected, Paizo took the prize in every category in which they were nominated. I do want to shout out to the guys at Posthuman Studios, who created Eclipse Phase, because they won 3 Silver Awards for that great book/setting. As well, Day After Ragnarok who won Best Setting and Mysteries of the Hollow Earth that won Best Supplement over WotC’s Player’s Handbook 3. Very cool.

On to Day 4

And now my fourth day begins. I’ve got more of the same goodness planned, and my eye is casting forth to this evening when I’ll be attending the Media Meet and Greet and (hopefully) get some time in at the awesome Savage Saturday Night that Pinnacle runs. Catch you later!

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  1. No problem, Ray. It has been an honor to be here representing Troll in the Corner. If folks like you didn’t read this site, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing.


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