GenCon 2010 – Day 1

Well, I arrived safe and sound in heat wave that is Indianapolis. I found my hotel with no problem, met one of my two roommates, railed in vain against the amount that the hotel charges for parking, and then walked my way over to the Indiana Convention Center to find out what this GenCon thing was all about.

So, far, it has been a lot like the first day of Origins, except freaking huge! Seriously folks, this place is big. I can deal with everything in the Convention Center, no problem, but when I looked in the Event Guide and I saw the floor plans for 4-5 adjacent (or somewhat adjacent) hotels which are also hosting events, I lost a few neurons. I mean, seariously, to have a chance of covering even the majority of this convention, I would have to clone myself at least three times over, and even then we might not get the job done. I’m going to to do my best, but really, this place has so much to offer, my efforts alone are barely going to put a dent in things.

That having been said, I’m going to do my best. I put the word out via Twitter, and got some suggestions as to what people want to see covered. I do get early access to the Exhibitor Hall (which is at least twice the size of the one at Origins), and I have a list of the people and companies that I want to touch base with. They are as follows:

Blue Kabuto

Burning Wheel

Chubby Hubby Undies

Cthuliana Corner

Fantasy Flight

Geeky Clean

Green Ronin

Indie Press Revolution


Privateer Press

Reaper Minis

Steve Jackson Games




As a side note, for those companies that cover multiple IPs and systems (Studio2, Sandstorm, etc), I’ll be doing my best to talk as many people there as I can. Additionally, if there’s anyone that you think I left off the list, then please let me know. My tastes in gaming might not be the same as yours, but I’m always up to try something new, and if there’s an awesome company that I need to know about, tell me.

Anyway, the rest of this first day is likely going to be spent hanging out with friends and relaxing while I have the chance so to do. If you have any feedback to give me, my Twitter page is the best place to send it, as I will be checking it often. And, as always, keep checking back here on TC for more updates as GenCon rolls on!

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  1. Every year I hear about Gen con, I always feel bummed that I can’t attend. I’ve not been to a Gen Con since they moved to Indy. Maybe I’ll try for next year. Meanwhile I’ll just live vicariously through yours and everyone elses blog updates.


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