Cool things afoot for Aruneus. Maps, a layout artist and more! Real zombies in your high fantasy

Lots of cool things going on for the Aruneus Project!  I have new art, more new art, maps and a person who’s going to give the project a whole new look.  If this looks interesting, you may wish to become a backer and find yourself with lots of interesting rewards above and beyond a new Pathfinder RPG expansion.   New to Aruneus?  Take your standard high fantasy world, add to it a massive zombie apocalypse which wipes away 90% of the population and then fast forward 100 years.  Now you’re in the world of Aruneus.  We’re 75% of the way to a completely funded project as of this writing – 20 days to make it the rest of the way. Will you be the one to tip the balance?

Ever hear of Dan Houser? He’s a great artist who’s work can be seen in Adamant Entertainment’s Villainomicon, Phipps Publishing’s upcoming ‘Book of Villains’ and ‘Wargames’, as well as serving as Line Artist for Adamant’s ICONS line of modules and supplements. And now it can be seen in Aruneus as well! Dan’s given …us a sweet meat treat, in the form of this guy!

Next up, Seth Kumpf who’s done all of our previous zombies has just shown me six new pieces he’s worked on for the Aruneus setting.  They’re all art which will give the books a lot more oomph and add a good bit to the feel of the setting!  They’re not done yet but what he has shown me is great stuff.

I’ve also recently gotten a few maps for the Aruneus Campaign – the first adventure to be specific.  I’ll show you one of them (the other is specific to this adventure and contains spoilers!)  Here’s the town of WareHave – population 900.  It’s the start of the entire Aruneus campaign, and the scene of lots of history deep in the past.

These maps were created by Ben Woerner.   Ben Woerner works with his family in their jewelry business as their marketing manager, but his real love is escaping into imaginary kingdoms, high-flying zeppelin dogfights, or deep space adventures.  He’s written for John Wick Presents in John Wick’s recently published Blood & Honor RPG, and has plans for more published works.  He lives in Arizona with his wife, daughter, soon-to-be-son, and their two corgis.

Last up in this update – Eric Vernon.  Eric is a whiz when it comes to making RPG documents look less like book reports and a whole heck of a lot more like true blooded gaming excellence.  To show us his stuff, Eric’s recently updated Mirkmoot’s Magical Accouterments for Creatures Small and Great!  Here are a few pictures from the new layout.

That’s where Aruneus stands at the moment.  Progress in every direction!

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