The status of the Aruneus Project – making a 100 page zombie apocalypse source book for the Pathfinder RPG system

Last December I sat down with a good friend and we talked a bit about what a standard high fantasy world would be like if a worldwide zombie apocalypse were to happen to it.  What would happen to the various nations, empires and races?  Who would be affected most?   How would it change the political structure, the formation of cities, or just going for a stroll between adventures?  This discussion was the launching point for the World of Aruneus – a high fantasy world which has suffered just such an event, 100 years in its past.   After much writing, deliberating, play testing and development, I release several documents for this world, including the Orcs as a player character race and the zombies themselves.

This led me to create the Aruneus Project.  In creating these I’ve met a number of talented artists, editors, and writers who’ve also worked on these with me.  I’m now hoping to bring this project to the next level by releasing a 100 (give or take) page supplement containing all of the information needed to run a complete campaign in the world of Aruneus, including several 1st and 2nd level modules.  To do this though, I would need several objectives met.  The first and foremost is paying my artists, editors, typesetters and Pathfinder experts.  These are all talented people who want to work in the RPG industry and could really use that one break. Their name on a project, and a paycheck.  With the Aruneus Project I can offer them all of this, as well as have the funding to publish this as a physical book, and get it out into the public eye at several conventions.  Currently the project is 68% funded (the goal is $1,500) with 26 days left!

This book would contain the following publications. A * means the product is already published. Unpublished products are all currently in progress, being actively worked on and have artists assigned to them.

*The History of Aruneus – a time line.
Aruneus – life in a post-apocalypse world – featuring an Atlas style map, and detailed history.
*Contagion Infected Zombies. 3 different zombie types, a new feat, and a cure.
*Zombie Cards – for Contagion Infected Zombie management.
*Orcs! A new Player Character Race, Prestige class and more.
Two new full character classes, including the Quantamancer.
The Gods of Aruneus – detailing the six gods of the pantheon, new divine magic and more.
*Clerics and Wizards – the struggle between the ruling Clerics and outlawed magic.
*The Dwarven Empire – the rise and fall of the Dwarves.
The Elves – a history of the race of Elves and their struggle with the human undead.
Herbology – Magical herbs found throughout Aruneus
The Haunted Mine – The first adventure in the Aruneus world for 1st level characters.
New Enemies – A second adventure for 1st level characters.

All of these would also be available as individual PDFs.

That is where the Aruneus Project stands at the moment.  If this sounds interesting to you, I would encourage you to visit the Kickstarter page for the project, where there are more descriptive updates.  There’s also a Facebook page that is updated frequently, and of course this site right here.

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