GenCon 2010 – The pre-convention post

I’ve been to a couple of conventions this summer, as you no doubt know. Origins was a really good time, and KantCon gave me some good friends (and a killer snack table). I have never had experiences like this before. They were both amazing, but now it’s time for something even bigger.

I leave for GenCon in one week.

After I left KantCon, I was feeling a little bit, well, done with conventions for the summer. Just over the last 24 hours, though, the excitement has been growing. I’m thinking back to Origins and imagining it writ large, crossing over the space of the Indiana Conventions Center and into the adjoining hotels. I’m remembering the people that I met and the games I ran at KantCon and I’m looking forward to seeing some of those people again, and running through the DMs Gauntlet.

Mostly, I’m excited about every awesome unplanned thing that will happen. When I went to Origins, I went with very little plan as to what, exactly, I would do. Sure, I had some events that I had tickets for, but I was more than willing to go sideways and try something new. Without having that willingness to try something new, I never would have played in Morton’s List, Fellowship of the White Star, Dread, Burning Wheel, or ADGNEPSEF555.

And that’s going to be my guiding philosophy for GenCon, as well. I have to admit, I have a few more things directly planned for GenCon, but that’s mainly because I’m actually going to be hanging out with people that I know; such activities necessitate more plans. However, I have plenty of free time, so I hope to encounter some new things so my horizons can expand.

That having been said, here’s what I’ll be doing, and when.


11:30AM to 7:30PM – DM’s Gauntlet


2PM to 6PM – Dresden Files

6PM to 10PM – Ennies Awards Show

11PM to 2AM – Nerdcore Entertainment Showcase


8PM to 10PM – Media Meet & Greet


Completely open, as of now.

So, that’s my schedule. Friday is pretty busy, but Saturday and Sunday are much more open, giving me time to take things as quickly or as slowly as I need to. I will have my voice recorder with me, as well as tons of extra batteries, so I’ll be recording as much audio as I am able to.

What I would like to know from you, oh noble readers of TC, is what else you would like from my GenCon coverage that I did not give in my Origins or KantCon coverage? I am going to do my level best to take more pictures, since I seem to be bad at remembering I have a camera with me, but other than that, I’m planning on duplicating my formula from my Origins coverage.

So, let me know.

As well, if you want my updates as they come, then follow me on Twitter.

I’m really looking forward to this convention, and I hope that it lives up to its promise. I’ll be dropping updates as often as I am able, so keep checking back here at TC to find out what I’m doing at GenCon.

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