Zombie Dice – Click, click, boom!

When I left Origins, I didn’t know it, but I had a shambler trailing me. Somehow I missed the telltale stench of rotting flesh, and somehow I didn’t notice it clambering into my trunk as I was putting my bags in. But when I got home, I realized how inattentive I had been.

I got bitten.

Suddenly, I’m wandering around, moaning¬†vaguely¬†and craving brains like nobody’s business. So the first thing I do is go over to a family member’s house and proceed upon my feasting frenzy.

I got some good grey-matter, but I always seem to want more. Now, I have these other zombies shuffling along beside me, and brains are getting in short supply. Seems to be that we can only focus on three potential meals at a time. Not to mention, we’re slow. Every so often, one of those walking buffets starts running, and we’re hard-pressed to keep up. Since we don’t sleep, we always get a chance to try again, but it’s annoying to have to wait for your food.

The worst parts of it all are the shotguns. It takes a few good hits to take one of us down, so it’s not like we can’t gorge ourselves for a while. But if those buggers with the boomsticks get three good licks on us, it’s lights out; no brains for you.

Still, there’s something about this “being a zombie” thing. The group of us seem to keep coming back to this “who can eat the most brains” contest. We always seem to top out at 13 brains, which is a good number, I think. And we always keep trying. Even the walking dead need some other kinds of distractions, but we always keep coming back to our contest for brains. Mmmmmm brraaaaaaiiinnssss….

Zombie Dice is made by Steve Jackson Games. I picked up my copy at Origins and finally had my chance to try the game out over this past weekend. I had a great time with it, but that may be because I won most of the games that we played. The mechanics are simple, and once you play through the game once, you don’t need the rules around to reference.

The only complaint that I had about the game was that the container that comes with it, from which you are to pull the three dice you roll every round, is difficult to get your hand into. We ended up putting the Zombie Dice in a spare die bag and pulling them from there; much easier.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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