The Pathfinder International Give Away – 3 books, tons of PDFs, 16 winners, anywhere in the world!

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system is one I greatly enjoy running and playing.  I enjoy it so much I’ve started writing some small expansions for the system.  Now I’d like to share my enjoyment of Pathfinder by giving away everything any group would need to run a full Pathfinder campaign.  That means the Pathfinder Core rule book, the Pathfinder Bestiary, and the Pathfinder GameMastery Guide.  All in hard cover, bundled together and shipped to anywhere in the world I can legally ship to from the US – all for one lucky winner.

In addition to winning three brand new hard covers, I’ll also include download codes for every Pathfinder expansion document I’ve created.  Five other winners will also receive all of these PDFs for free, and 10 additional winners will receive one Pathfinder compatible PDF for free as well.  16 winners in all!

How to enter

Entering this contest is as easy as sending us an email.  Increasing your chances to win will require a little bit more work on your part.  Each person will automatically receive one entry simply by emailing us.  Include the words Pathfinder Contest in your subject line and if you’d like to, let me know where in the world you are because I’m curious.  That’s all you’ll need to do to enter this contest.  Want to increase your chances of winning?  No problem, but I’m going to ask a bit more of you.

How to score up to 10 entries.

  • Facebook user?  Head to the official Aruneus page and click that “Like” button!  Okay, even if you don’t want to do that, at the very least comment on this note with your name.  Make sure to include in your email that you added a comment to the note and/or  liked the group.  Liking the group get’s you 1 extra entry, commenting on the note also gets you 1 extra entry.
  • On Twitter?  Follow me and earn yourself another 2 entries!  Include your twitter user name in the email you send us.
  • Visit the Aruneus Kickstarter project.  Look at the updates and find out how many gods inhabit the world of Aruneus.  Include this number in your email for 2 additional entries. While you’re there, I’d love it if you take a look around and see what the project is all about.
  • Lastly, if you have a blog or website, and you post about this contest with a link to it, you’ll earn an additional 3  additional entries.  Make sure to include a link to this in your email.

It is possible to get yourself 10 entries to this contest.  If you are already following me on twitter or have already liked the Aruneus facebook page, just let me know and you will receive the extra entries.

Each entry will be assigned a number based on when I receive them.   At the conclusion of this contest, the winners will be selected in a random drawing using a random number generator to select the winning entries.

The Rules

  • Only one email per person please.
  • All decisions regarding the winners are final.
  • You can’t write for Troll in the Corner and enter this contest.
  • This contest is open to anyone I can legally ship these books to, anywhere in the world.  It’s up to you to make sure I can do that though!  (Shipping from the US).  I can’t be held responsible if for some reason I can’t ship these to your country.
  • I’ll be insuring this shipment and tracking it but I can’t be responsible if the US Postal Service screws up.
  • Contest ends Wednesday, August 4th at 11:59 PM EST.  Any entries received after that will not be considered.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address that you check!  That’s how I’ll be contacting the winners.  On that note, I will not be selling, keeping or using these emails for any other purpose than this contest.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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