A new World of Aruneus video – zombies and high fantasy, now with more gods!

I’ve written, produced, directed and almost starred in a brand new video for the Aruneus Project – zombie apocalypse  meets high fantasy.  All of that really means I spent a few hours last night with Win7’s movie maker.  It was a blast though and I think the video came out pretty good, considering my limited video production skill set.

If this project seems like your bag of nuts, I’d really appreciate you stopping by the Project Aruneus site!

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8 thoughts on “A new World of Aruneus video – zombies and high fantasy, now with more gods!

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  1. Ben, I played Aruneus, Hunted Mine at KantCon last weekend. Loved it great story. Also, Tracy did a great Job running it with 10, thats right 10 players. We put to large tables together and Fun was had by all. Keep up the Good work and hope to see another game at KantCon 2011.


  2. I nearly was.

    Seriously though, it was a good challenge to run a game with that many players. I’m glad it went down well, and that I did the setting justice.


  3. @Tracy: I thought you did a great job playing the “strolling professor.” Honestly, I thought the last encounter in the mine was going to “DESTROY” all of us. I remember thinking, “That Barbarian and Cleric are dead”.

    @Nunddahl: It was much better than expected. All of the players were there to play and played as experienced players would, “I waste w/ my crossbow!!!” JK. It was a great, at least 4 of the of the 10 were GMs and it showed.


  4. That sounds like one hell of a good time! Tracy had mentioned this to me earlier and my first reaction was . . .10?!? But he said everything went well, which is a tribute to both GM and players!


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