Reminder! Win a signed copy of Realms of Cthulhu!

Look, as far as the real world goes, we’re not big on promoting ancient evil, vicious cults and things that make you go insane. Put us in the realm of gaming though and we’re behind Realms of Cthulhu 100%! Our editor Tracy covered this game at Origins 2010 and fell madly, insanely in love with it. We think you will too so we’ve plotted and conspired with the fine folks at Reality Blurs to get one lucky winner a signed copy!

This contest has already started if you’re reading this, and it will end promptly at 11:59 pm (EST) on Monday, July 19th. You’ve got one week to enter. One week to win.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to the Reality Blurs website and find out when this game studio was formed (a year is what I’m looking for).

2. Go to the Project Aruneus page and note which Backer category gets you a hard cover copy of the book.

3. Go to the Troll in the Corner Contact page and email what you’ve found from step 1 and 2 to us! Make sure you put “Realms of Cthulhu” in the subject and use a valid email because if you win, that’s how you’ll be contacted.

The winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries on Tuesday, July 20th by either a rhesus monkey dressed as a 1920’s gumshoe or a random number generator – whichever peaks my interest more at the moment.

Some rules:

1. Continental US only. Shipping is expensive and getting it out of the US is tough.

2. You can’t work for or write for Troll in the Corner or Reality Blurs Studios. That’s like cheating.

3. All decisions in this contest are final.

That’s how to enter the contest, here’s a little more on Realms of Cthulhu:

One Overwhelming Truth
Behind every legend, every catastrophe, and every great act of evil throughout and before recorded history, is the secret knowlege that shatters men’s minds like fragile glass- the dark influence of alien gods and powers beyond mortal comprehension, things man was not meant to know and things that your investigator must now face.

Body and Soul
In your battle against the dark forces, you not only risk life and limb, but your very sanity, and the innocence of your soul. Will you sacrifice yourself for the greater good, or run for the safety and sanctity of an asylum? Or will you use the knowledge you gain to turn back the tide of evil for another day?

Beyond Time and Space
Mythos Tales can be set in any period and any place. Included are guidelines to get you started with the most popular time eras: the gaslight era of the 1890s, the classic era of the 1920s, and the modern world of today. Explore the setting as best you see fit.

Campaign Styles and the Keeper
Four distinct styles impact how physical damage and mental anguish are handled. This allows you to effortlessly shape and direct the focus of your campaign, from the pulpiness of Heroic Horror to the grim desolation of the Dark Spiral. Insight and advice are offered to the Keeper concerning magic, modifying monsters, and creating adventures, as well as a detailed roster of supporting cast members, and comprehensive bestiary.

Infinite Opportunities for Adventure
Use Mysteries of Dark Manor or any of the other included Mythos Tales to begin your journey down the road to madness immediately, or use the Mythos Tale and Creature Generators to create whole new adventures of your own.

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