Quick Review – Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey for the Pathfinder RPG

I have an abiding love for the world of the Fey.  It’s clear that Alluria Publishing share this love with me.  They’ve spent a lot of effort to make a fantastic product in the Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey.

Let’s start with the content because, when it comes down to gaming, that’s the most important part.  The 13 Fey creatures presented here are well thought out, balanced and span a range from CR 1/3 to CR 21.  They’re well balanced and can offer a lot to a campaign, not just as threats but as creatures a party can interact with.

These creatures are taken directly from the myths and legend’s were all familiar with but this makes them more of an asset to a running game than less of one.  This would be particularly useful to a Celtic flavored campaign but they’ll fit in anywhere a bit of mischief and mayhem is needed.

In addition to the Fey themselves, there are a number of interesting magic items that can fall into the hands of the party.  Again, a balance is very well struck between interesting, functional and fun.

If that weren’t enough to recommend this, let’s move on to the layout.  This 27 page document is absolutely beautiful.  The layout is stunning, the artwork is professional quality and the document itself is done in a wonderful style.

Do I have any beefs at all? Surely this can’t be a quintessential Pathfinder supplement?  I did find one thing I did not enjoy, but it’s a personal opinion of mine and shouldn’t detract from the product as a whole.  The font used to illustrate a creature name is damned hard to read.  You can find the name in a variety of places though, including the actual stat block and this shouldn’t deter anyone from purchasing and using the Clans of the Fey.

5 out of 5 stars.

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