Gaming in the Classroom?

I’ve always thought there should be some educational/non-violent/classroom based RPG.  Kids deserve that opportunity to expand their imaginations, and why shouldn’t learning be fun?  As it turns out, at least one other person agress with me.

Pete Figtree has begun to develop a blog tracking his progress to bring role playing games to a classroom setting, and is asking for help from the internet.  He needs thoughts on what systems would be appropriate and how best to convert them for his class.  As much as I love interviewing some of the big names for this site, I think this is the heart and soul of gaming.  One guy with a creative idea, hoping to spread the hobby to a whole new generation, and really trying to innovate gaming while he does it.

I think this is a really cool idea that I’d love to support!  I’ve added a couple of comments for him on his blog, it seems pretty new and doesn’t have a lot of traffic.  I’m hoping we can fix that and give him some help!

Click here to visit his blog!

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6 thoughts on “Gaming in the Classroom?

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  1. Oh wow!
    This is exciting!
    I will be clinking on the link to his blog the moment I am done writing this comment.
    As a teacher who has used ‘some’ aspects of table top rpg in the classroom for the first time this past school year I am excited to see what others are thinking about the subject!


  2. I am so very thankful for helping me jumpstart this journey. I think many students will benefit from people like us working together. Learning CAN BE fun.


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