Quick Review: The Genius Guide to Air Magic for the Pathfinder RPG

I have to admit the first two thoughts that popped in to my head after seeing The Genius Guide to Air Magic come across my desk were Marilyn Monroe in a white skirt over a grate and someone getting their toupee blown off their head.  Neither of these occur in this book but given the spells available, they certainly could.

OtherWorld Creations strikes again with another great expansion to the Pathfinder universe.  Air magic has 12 pages of usable material, features over 30 new spells for multiple classes, a new domain, and new class features for clerics, druids and yes, monks.

As another bonus, the guy pictured on the front cover cracks me up.  I don’t know if that was the artists intent or not but I really enjoy the look on his face.

The spells are not to over the top and fit nicely into the levels they’ve been slotted for.  You won’t have a 3rd level cleric taking on any dragons solo by utilizing a new air spell, which is as it should be.  I could see easily integrating these spells, abilities and new class features into any campaign, new or ongoing.

In fact, rather than go over every single point inside this 14 page book, I’m just going to say it all seems very well balanced, enjoyable, not over the top and will work well in your game.  If you’re looking to gust, float, blow, whoosh or otherwise do things with air, this book is going to please you greatly.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Review: The Genius Guide to Air Magic for the Pathfinder RPG

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  1. Kind of looks reminiscent of Avatar the Last Airbender, I wonder if they are goign to release a set of element based magics so folks can unofficially run an Avatar setting.


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