Origins 2010 Expanded Coverage – ADGNEPSEF555!

Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Education Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555! came along just when I needed it to. Come my last full day of Origins, I was getting close to empty, although I didn’t realize it at the time. ADGNEPSEF555 is, I think, a setting for the Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG. All of the games feature an array of elementary-school aged, Saturday-morning cartoon-type characters. Each character has a simple sheet (which you are encouraged to color upon with crayon) with a few stats, a weakness and a special ability. As well, each kid receives an allotment of Candy that they can use to accomplish special things within the game (read: bribe the GM).

The game is high-energy and our group easily had 20 players in it. There were two GMs running the game, and it took both of them to keep things going. Everyone played their characters very uniquely, and it turned out to be a really fun game.

The basic premise of this game was that, due to forces unknown, the layout of the school had been lost, and we needed to map it out. Mapping it consisted of drawing a picture of a room in a piece of paper (with crayon, of course) and then submitting it to the GM, who taped it to a crazily-growing trail of similarly-drawn pieces of paper. While this was going on, the two teams (Team Teslatron [who possess a giant Mecha; go figure] and Team Evil,[who are, well, Evil]) basically duked it out amongst themselves in comedic fashion.

And, since every character in the game was completely original, there were not at all any people who acted like Dr. Who, or Hong Kong Phooey, or who could call up the A-Team, or who were the Richie Richest kid in the world, or who sounded like the Swedish Chef… nope, not a one of those things happened.

The highlight of the game, for me, was the crossover with the game of Tokyo Masks going on at the next table. Obviously, you have to have crossovers between two different Saturday Morning Cartoon properties that are owned by the same company, so why make that any different in the game? One of the Masks, whose name escapes me, was the father of my character, and our heartfelt meeting was a lot of fun to roleplay out (especially because his accent made him neigh-unintelligible).

Playing ADGNEPSEF555 was like having caffeinated sugar-syrup injected directly into my cerebral cortex, and it was a blast. If you’ve got a large group of players/friends and you need some quasi-LARPing strangeness in your gaming life, then check this out.

Sadly, there is no published material for ADGNEPSEF555 yet, but the guys that worked on it are the same people behind Dread, Windmill Games Co. If you like what you hear in the audio, then contact them. Enough support for this setting might see it published in some form, and we would all be better off for it.

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