Origins 2010 Expanded Coverage – Delta Green

Delta Green was awesome. The game was run by a great GM from named John Addis. I swear I learned more about how to GM a game well in this one game than I have done in the past year of GMing. Everything flowed extremely smoothly, and that was really important for this game, as it was the conclusion of a Delta Green story that had been running for four years.

Delta Green is a Call of Cthulhu setting named after the special organization of the same name. In this particular scenario, Delta Green is in shambles. A series of unfolding events has seen the various cells of Delta Green working together, something that typically doesn’t happen in the setup this group runs. To try and unfold the entire plot would take more words and more skill with them than I think I have, so I’ll leave that bit to the audio.

I mentioned before that this game was well-run. John has been GMing for something near 30 years, and his experience running games really showed. There were a few different parts of the game where the group was handling different objectives, and (with the help of his lovely assistant), he took each group aside, ran them through their portion of things and brought everything back together very easily. I guess I’m having a hard time even describing it. I hope the audio bears out how well things were done, because I think most of us at the table felt that we could very easily just jump into our characters and roleplay things out without having to worry about not being backed up by the GM.

That may be the hardest thing to learn about GMing, an the best thing about John and his game of Delta Green: letting players, well, play. A lot of GMs want to tell their story, and end up railroading their group into the ground. We all kept in character and John let us do as we would, including our splitting of the group at times that ultimately proved to be very inopportune.

Anyway, enough of my blather, on with the show!

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