Origins 2010 Expanded Coverage – All Flesh Must Be Eaten

This was one of the only other sessions that I purposefully scheduled for Origins. I had heard a podcast of All Flesh Must Be Eaten before, and I was looking for some zombie-game goodness. What I got was that, and a whole lot more.

The game in which I played was a very cool amalgamation of Chronicles of Riddick, Gears of War, Aliens, Soldier, and probably a few other Sci-Fi greats that I’m likely forgetting. The system was the standard All Flesh stuff with additional info from All Tomorrow’s Zombies. The scenario was set in a modified version of the Riddick universe, taking the place of the first part of Chronicles of Riddick. The government had Jack/Kiira in their care, and that had Riddick by the shorthairs. Additionally, the wired him with an explosive collar that was tied to his proximity to the rest of the group; move too far away and BOOM. The other members of the group were the mercs who hunted Riddick, and a corps of marines made up of characters from the other sci-fi worlds.

I got to play Riddick. I’ve always love the Riddick universe, even the second movie (the DVD release, not the theatrical version), and I did my best to bring him to life even though my voice is almost the furthest away from Vin Diesel’s as you can get.

The system played well, and the group dynamic was pretty good, especially since we had eight or nine players in the group.

It’s an interesting challenge playing a well-known, already-established character. On the one hand, you have a lot to work with, especially if you’re familiar with the character in question. On the other, you have a possible burden in trying to live up to a professional actor’s body of work. Ultimately, I decided to give it my best shot, and it ended up being a lot of fun.

Here’s the evidence of the fun we had. All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a product of Eden Studios.

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