Law Abiding Engineer, an Amazing Machinima

I think I’ll let this little piece of awesome speak for itself. Watch and enjoy.

One final note though.  What makes this an even greater technical achievement is that it works so well using the original audio and much of the video of the trailer.  One of the first rules of Machinima is never base a film around actual audio from a show or movie.  The reason is the computer models from the games cannot display enough emotion to sustain the normal pacing of cinema, it needs more action and quicker timing to succeed.  This superb work of course is the exception to that rule.  Personally I think that having the Engineer take the main role was genius.  Having his eyes hidden behind the goggles masks some of the problems with game facial animations.

On a second viewing -with the original trailer running in split screen- I actually think in places the Engineer shows more emotion than the real actor.  Color me impressed.

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