Origins 2010 Expanded Coverage – Realms of Cthulhu

The start of my second day at Origins saw me very excited for the first session. Realms of Cthulhu was one of the games that I was very much looking forward to. Realms of Cthulhu is a Call of Cthulhu game published by Reality Blurs that uses the Savage Worlds rules system. I mean, it’s like peanut butter and chocolate, for crying out loud! I can hear some of the naysayers out there, though, so let me put your fears to rest.


“Call of Cthulhu is an investigation-based game! Savage Worlds is designed for combat! it will never work!”

Oh, ye of little faith. Yes, Call of Cthulhu is definitely an investigation-based game. And, yes, Savage Worlds is designed for combat. However, CoC games nearly always have some form of combat in them (which Savage Worlds can be used for quite nicely), and Savage Worlds has a all of the social skills that a player will need to properly investigate the dark nastiness contained in the Cthulhu mythos.

“And….” Well, that’s really the only objection I’ve heard about Realms of Cthulhu. And, I have to say, after having played it, my peanut butter/chocolate comparison is pretty apt. Dying in combat in Savage Worlds is just as possible as it is in the BRP that CoC uses by default. As well, Realms of Cthulhu comes in four different flavors of grittiness, so your group can play in which ever way suits them the best. At one end there’s the evil-so-dense-it’ll-drive-you-mad-in-a-blink variety (perfect for one-shots) and at the other end there’s the I’m-bigger-and-badder-than-the-Elders-kick-the-door-down-along-with-some-Deep-Ones-ass style, which embraces the pulpy roots of Savage Worlds.

The session I played in was run by Mr. Sean Preston, who happens to be the mand behind to looming madness. He ran a good game, and even though there were a few of us who were completely new to the Savage Worlds rules, things went smoothly.

I do have to say, though, that I’m a bit biased. I realized during the game that I have a somewhat unnatural love for the Savage Worlds game system, and seeing (what I think is) its simple elegance used to express the Cthulhu mythos was almost more than my poor geek brain could stand. When I got the Exhibitor’s Hall, the first place I went (after I got my head screwed on straight) was the Pinnacle booth so I could buy the Realms book.

So, if you like the idea of mixing genres, as it were, then I would give Realms of Cthulhu a look. And if you want to know how it plays, for reals, then the proof is right here in glorious 96kbps audio.

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  1. Hello!

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the show, and I’m glad that you enjoyed both the game and the setting. I’m busily at work on Echo of Dead Leaves (1920s Charleston Campaign Book) even as we speak.




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