Origins 2010 Expanded Coverage – Mayfair Games

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Mayfair Games, or at least you’ve heard of one of the games they’ve published. What follows is not an exhaustive list, but some of these should ring a bell:

– Catan

– Toledo

– Pillars of the Earth

– Conflict of Heroes

– Pompeii

– Empire Builder

– Nuns on the Run

…and so on. If you’ve not heard of any of these games, then kindly extricate yourself from your rock and go to their website. Do some looking and find a game; they’re good.

As well, Mayfair was one of the major sponsors of Origins 2010, provided a great looking games room, and had a sizable space in the Exhibitor’s Hall.

Well, I had a chance to sit down with Robert Carty and Larry Rozani from Mayfair Games and talk with them about what has been going on at Mayfair. Turns out, there’s a lot. We covered the releases they are currently promoting, and some of the things that they have planned for the future.

Again, as with my other direct interviews, the actual interview speaks far more eloquently in its audio form than my typing. So, I will leave my textual contribution to this article brief and link you to the interview, itself.

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